Oregon Law Seeks to Put Tampons Into Boy’s Public School Bathrooms, One Mother Sues To Halt This

Oregon Law Seeks to Put Tampons Into Boy’s Public School Bathrooms, One Mother Sues To Halt This – Progressives Are Anti-Science

Any group (and I refer to gender ideologues, progressives, many liberals, and Democrats) that promotes the idea that boys and men can and do get menstrual periods is anti-science.

If you’re on other sites or your social media mocking or insulting conservatives or Christians for believing in “Young Earth Creationism,” or for disagreeing with you over climate change, and scream that those people are “unscientific,” you really have no leg to stand on for that,
and you’re completely hypocritical,
considering “your side” (liberals, progressives, Democrats, trans activists, and tree huggers of all political persuasions) are anti-science and science-deniers, since they teach falsehoods like men can get periods, men can get pregnant, and women have penises.

If you’re not familiar with this story from May 2022:

(Link): They’re Cotton-Picking Committed: Oregon Education Stocks the Boys Room With Tampons


By Alex Parker | May 15, 2022

In 2021, Democrat Governor Kate Brown signed into law the Menstrual Dignity Act, which stipulates thusly:

Each public education provider shall ensure that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located in at least two student bathrooms of every public school building.
To be clear:

“Student bathroom” means a bathroom that is accessible by students, including a gender-neutral bathroom, a bathroom designated for females, and a bathroom designated for males.

House Bill 3294 is set to become active by July 1st. So for the 2022-23 school year, boys will have access to period care while at school.

As pointed out by Fox News, the law covers restrooms “regardless of age.”

Tampons have really absorbed the spotlight as of late:

(Link): UCLA Stocks Its Men’s Restrooms With Tampons

(Link): California Eyes a Near-Million-Dollar Menstrual Bill for Women, Men and the Nonbinary


(Link): NBC: Transgender Men Face More Suffering From Their Periods Than Women Do

(Link): Is Sex Real? Do Women Menstruate? Author Gets #Canceled For Standing With J.K. Rowling

(Link): GirlPower 2019: Instagram Feminist Regularly Covers Her Face in Menstrual Blood to Encourage Women

Historically, menstrual products have very rarely found themselves front and center, period. Hopefully, they’re really soaking it up.

Meanwhile, not everyone’s psyched over boys finding ovarian accoutrements next to their toilets. That includes GOP gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton.

She offers harsh words concerning the soft supplements:

“This is an absolute implosion of the family; it’s a violation of the family.”

The way Bridget sees it, confusion may result:

“It’s very confusing for children, and then, when they hit puberty, they have even more confusion about their bodies and have real difficulty understanding what’s going on in their world, a lot of them go into depression, they act out, and we’re seeing more and more evidence that is causing kids to become confused, depressed, and to have to act out and have very serious problems going forward.”

It’s not difficult to imagine a boy asking, “Where do I put this?” Hopefully, he’ll find the answers he needs.
— end excerpts —

And now, in July 2022, there is this:

(Link): Oregon mom challenges state law requiring tampons in boy’s bathrooms

Eagle Point School District board member Cherylene Stritenberg said it was a waste of money to put tampons in the boys’ room.

July 11, 2022

An Oregon mom is taking on a state law that requires schools provide free tampons to students, including in boys’ bathrooms.

Fox News reports that mother and Eagle Point School District board member Cherylene Stritenberg “petitioned the Oregon Department of Education to roll back the law, arguing it wastes school funding.”

The free tampon on-demand program costs schools $5.6 million each year.

According to the New York Post, the Menstrual Dignity Act passed the Oregon legislature in August 2021. The law required schools at first to provide free tampons in “any two bathrooms of their choosing by the end of the 2021-2022 school year” but mandated that the menstrual product be placed in all bathrooms for both genders by 2023.

The school’s push for more tampons in the boy’s bathroom comes as access to the product has suffered due to President Biden’s (Link): supply chain crisis.

… In May, a group of girls (Link): expressed concern over young male youth stating that they identify as transgender. The girls were worried these males could use the girl’s bathroom to “cause rapes and assaults.”

Stritenberg’s petition stated it was a “misuse” of funds to pay to provide tampons in the boy’s restroom. The Menstrual Dignity Act passed through the state legislature with significant bipartisan support in August of 2021.

In August 2021, another piece of law affecting Oregon schools went into place as Democratic Governor Kate Brown (Link): signed into law a mandate that allows students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math.

(Link): Oregon mom challenges law requiring schools put tampons in boy’s bathrooms

July 10, 2022
By Anders Hagstrom, Fox News

An Oregon mom is challenging a state law requiring schools to provide free tampons in all bathrooms, including men’s.

The Oregon legislature passed the Menstrual Dignity Act in August 2021, which required schools to ramp up the supply of tampons for students in stages. Schools were first required to provide free tampons in any two bathrooms of their choosing by the end of the 2021-2022 school year, but they will be required to provide the products in all bathrooms regardless of gender by 2023, according to Oregon Live.

Mother and Eagle Point School District board member Cherylene Stritenberg petitioned the Oregon Department of Education to roll back the law, arguing it wastes school funding.

The law passed through the state legislature with near-universal support from both Republicans and Democrats.

…The legislation will cost the state roughly $5.6 million out of its $9.3 billion education budget.

Stritenberg’s petition argues that the state (Link): should strike the requirement to provide tampons specifically in boy’s bathrooms, calling it a “misuse” of funds, according to OL.

The petition comes amid a wider push from parents against Democratic attempts to impose transgender policies on the U.S. education system.

The conservative parent advocacy group Fight for Schools has also accused President Joe Biden’s administration of holding federal school lunch funds “hostage” in order to leverage gender identity policies onto schools.

“What you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying ‘you’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money,’” FFS Executive Director Ian Prior told Fox News in June. “For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and it’s appalling.”


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