Tucker Carlson Has the Audacity to Blame All Women for the Actions of a Male Mass Shooter – Which is not “Based”

Tucker Carlson Has the Audacity to Blame All Women for the Actions of a Male Mass Shooter – Which is not “Based”

Robert Crimo III, the Highland Park (July 4th) mass shooter, is to blame for Robert Crimo III’s actions.

One can possibly argue Crimo’s parents played a role in matters, as they helped him obtain one or  more of his weapons. But in the end scheme of things, Crimo is responsible for Crimo’s choices and Crimo’s actions.

The fact remains that women are not to blame for Robert Crimo III’s shooting spree, where he killed seven individuals at a July 4th (Independence Day holiday, 2022) parade in Illinois.

Contrary to what some liberals have been saying, who’ve been claiming that Crimo was a “MAGA supporter,”
it is not clear at this time what Crimo’s political beliefs are (he was photographed at a Trump rally, but some were saying he mocked Trump supporters, that he was not showing up to the rally to support Trump),
nor is it clear if any political views motivated his shooting spree.

Others found that Crimo followed a lot of Democrats on his social media and voiced some support for Democrat or progressive views. sexismNotBased_Removed

I will include either tweets with videos of the Tucker Carlson segment under discussion and/or embed much farther below, videos from You Tube, where you can see and hear for yourself Carlson blaming not only women for Crimo’s actions, but also, weirdly, video games and several other factors.

Please note that some of the videos or tweets I embed in this post may not necessarily be from sources I agree with on every point. It’s usually left-leaning content providers who will hold guys like Carlson accountable for his unhinged, unfounded sexist comments against women.

I’m a conservative, but I rarely see other conservatives calling out sexism when it’s bandied about by other conservatives.

I have never identified as a feminist, but I do not blame all feminists or feminism for the July 4th shooting.

Story Background / Summaries

Here’s some background and/or descriptions about the situation:

(Link): Tucker Carlson pins Highland Park shooting on ‘lectures from women on male privilege’ while furious Bill O’Reilly attributes atrocity to ‘minority gangs which, like drug gangs and drug crime, you’ll never stop’

(Link): Tucker Carlson Points Finger At Women And Weed For Latest Mass Shooting

(Link): Tucker Finds a Way to Blame Women for Young Male Mass Shootings

July 5, 2022
by William Vaillancourt

On the heels of yet another mass shooting, Tucker Carlson identified what he believes to be one contributing factor in young men using firearms on innocent bystanders: women “lecturing” them about “their so-called privilege.”

Carlson opened his Tuesday show discussing the shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, allegedly by 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” Crimo.

The Fox News host mentioned how authorities said Crimo had appeared on their radar twice before: in April 2019 after a suicide attempt and a few months later after he threatened to “kill everyone” in his immediate family.

After the second incident, police confiscated knives, a dagger, and a sword from his home. No complaint was filed, and no arrest was made.

[Carlson said:]
“And yet the authorities in their [the male mass shooters] lives—mostly women—never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You’re male, you’re privileged.’” Carlson imitated. “Imagine that. Try to imagine an unhealthier, unhappier life than that. So a lot of young men in America are going nuts. Are you surprised?”
— end excerpts —

No Motive Given As of July 12, But Tucker, Without Evidence, Listed Motives on July 5

It’s dishonest and inaccurate for Tucker Carlson or any other conservative to blame women as a group or feminism or feminists for the shooting.

As to the date of me composing this post – July 12, 2022 – I have not yet seen a motive for the shooting.

Crimo did not mention that “women in authority” drove him to shoot a group of people.

As far as motive, what we do have is this (from July 6, 2022):

Authorities would not go into Crimo’s possible motive but did acknowledge he “had an affinity for the numbers 4 and 7” — which, when reversed, point to the date he carried out the massacre. (Source)

And, edit, Nov 4, 2022, there is this:

(Link): Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’s friends’ mother details how he spiraled into madness


from Marca:

Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’s life before the Highland Park mass shooting on July 4 took the lives of 7 people keeps offering more insight into the motive of this crime.

One of Crimo’s friends’ mother spoke to the folks at The Daily Beast in detail about the murderer.

She doesn’t recognize him from the past, she knew a kid who was normal like her own children but slowly fell down a negative spiral due to neglect from his entire family.

What is currently being denied by his parents are the multiple suicide attempts that Crimo III had throughout the years. Since 2015, there had been several red flags raised where this concerned mother of an unspecified name confirms she attempted to stop. Her initial reaction was to reach out to the kid’s parents when he threatened to overdose, but she was ignored.

[the friends’ mother said]…
“But he [Robert Crimo III] hurt. He was very, very much a loner and depressed. And I think his emotional instability was kind of brushed under the rug by his family. I think there’s a lot of balls dropped, no matter which way you look at it.
— end excerpts —-

There is nothing in there about “feminism” or all women being the triggers that pushed this idiot kid into killing several people. If anything, he sounds like he is emotionally disturbed, and the parents didn’t get him the mental health help he needed.

From an article dated November 1, 2022:

(Link): Prosecutors In Highland Park Mass Shooting Trial Turn Over Discovery


Nov 1, 2022
by Jonah Meadows

But authorities have not offered any theories on his motive for the shooting.
— end excerpt —

And there you have it, as of November 2022, still no motive is being given for Crimo’s actions.

Sept 7, 2022 edit:

Even if Crimo were to issue a statement to police tomorrow that he hates women and believes that “women in authority” drove him to shoot and kill several people, that still does not mean that he would be correct, that women are culpable, or that police would magically say,

“Why, you’re right! Women are such nags! It’s totally fine that you felt so nagged by women that you murdered seven people. We will set you free instantly, with no charges pressed, you poor, dear victim  you!”

A lot of liberal women have said for years that conservatives or Republicans are waging a “war against women,” and while I think that rhetoric is fairly untrue (though some conservatives and Republicans do, regrettably, adhere to sexist beliefs),
it sure does not help to dispel liberal paranoia about the extent of conservative (or Republican) sexism when a conservative talk host like Tucker Carlson unjustly accuses women as a group (and without citing any evidence) as being to blame for the actions of a male mass shooter.

I am not opposed to the second amendment. I recognize that American citizens have a constitutional right to own firearms.

Though I am not a feminist or a liberal or a progressive (nor am I anti second amendment), I found myself agreeing with a lot of this editorial:

(Link): Tucker Carlson blames women and prescription drugs for the Highland Park shooting

Authorities haven’t determine a motive for the shooting. But Carlson thinks it’s about feminism and mental health counseling.

July 6, 2022
By Zeeshan Aleem

Local authorities say they have not yet determined what motivated the suspected mass shooter they say has confessed to killing seven people at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. But Fox News host Tucker Carlson thinks he has the answer: women who scold men about their privilege — and also prescription drugs.

On his show Tuesday night, Carlson said the suspect “didn’t stand out” as worrisome to his community — disregarding reports that the suspect had attempted suicide and threatened in 2019 to kill his family — because “there’s a lot of young men in America who suddenly look and act a lot like this guy.”

Carlson then went on a ludicrous rant about the common afflictions that plague “alienated young men” in America and drive some of them to the mental instability that he suggests can spark mass shootings. Some highlights from Carlson’s remarks:

“The authorities in their lives — mostly women — never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You’re male! You’re privileged.’”

Carlson is not drawing from anything the suspect has written or said describing his views.

Not much is known about the suspect, except that his online presence indicates he had a fascination with violence, that the aforementioned mental health episodes were reported to police and that, according to police, he is suspected of having some sort of affinity for the numbers 4 and 7 (the attack took place on the date “7/4”).

No information released so far suggests the attack was ideological in an obvious way, police say, or motivated by race, religion or any other protected status. (Some photos of him at a Trump rally have circulated online, but experts say a handful of photos aren’t enough to establish right-wing extremism as a motive.)

But, of course, none of this really mattered to Carlson, who is not looking to understand the particulars of this case but instead is looking to use anything as a springboard to advance his radically reactionary worldview.

In this case, he wants to deflect attention from gun control debates and instead frame mass shootings as products of the emasculation of the American man. For Carlson, the issue is not the easy access an unstable young man had to a weapon of war, but … the feminist agenda and antidepressants.

Carlson’s implicit solutions to male alienation are key planks of his political agenda: reviving traditionalist masculinity and unbridled patriarchy, and cultivating distrust in American institutional life (in this case, the education and mental health infrastructure of the country).

… Carlson’s rant did not make sense. It did not need to. He does not need to provide evidence or try to connect the dots on how talk of male privilege encourages male violence or how in-school mental health counselors are hurting kids. He simply needs to validate his viewers’ instincts that feminism is going too far and that counselors are making boys weak by encouraging them to process their feelings.
— end excerpts —

Most Mass Shooters Are Males

Most mass shooters have been males – even years and years before the rise of “woke” identity politics, with all its talk of “toxic masculinity” and “male privilege” in the mainstream, as of a few years ago, most male shooters were male.

Most conservatives don’t understand the phrase “toxic masculinity,” which actually refers to gender stereotypes that tend to be damaging to men (and to women).

It’s not a phrase that means that masculinity itself is toxic, but is describing a type of masculinity.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t want to consider the possibility that perhaps it is in fact toxic masculinity, which is driven by societal conditioning and cultural assumptions about men, and how men “should” react to stress or frustration in life, that’s driving men to commit mass murder – and not feminism, and not women.

Women face sexism and domestic violence far more than men do and even get  shot or beaten to death for turning men down for dates, or for merely going on a jog around their neighborhoods,
and yet, one usually does not see as many mass shootings by women against groups of innocent people as one sees from males.

But many men feel justified at killing innocent people when they get frustrated.

The Secret Service not too long ago issued this warning:

(Link):  Secret Service Warns of  Domestic Terror Threat from Incels (Involuntary Celibates)

The Secret Service has not been issuing warnings about the female equivalent, because women celibates – “femcels,” as they are known (more about them here) -or women generally – have not been conditioned by culture, as men are, and have been for ages, to feel it’s their right to take their frustration out at being single and celibate (or whatever else has them upset) by shooting up crowds of people.

A few more links about prevalence of male mass shooters:

(Link): Why Nearly All Mass Shooters Are Men

(Link): Number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and July 2022, by shooter’s gender

(Link): Guys and guns: Why men are behind the vast majority of America’s gun violence

I actually sometimes see other conservatives defend Carlson on points like these, when Carlson’s comments are not justifiable.

A few days ago, I actually had idiots over on Gab respond to a post I did about this telling me that Carlson’s comments were true or “based” (with “based” being a moronic term that was invented by conservative Gen Z or younger Millennial men, along with other moronic terms they enjoy using, such as “beta male,” “cuck” and “soy boy.”)

Sexism is not “based.” It’s disgusting. There is nothing cool, respectable, or intellectually honest about blaming an entire group of people for the actions of one individual, not in a case like this one, where there’s no evidence to back up the nonsensical on the face of it claim.

I sometimes agree with Tucker Carlson on some subjects – for one, I believe he’s absolutely correct to push back on progressive trans-activism as he does – but on other topics that pertain to women, such as this one (male mass shooters), like his buddy conservative Matt Walsh who also pushes back on leftist trans-activism, he has out-dated, sexist, distorted views about women in other regards.

I watch Carlson’s show nightly, and so far, I’ve not seen or heard him apologize or clarify his reprehensible comments. I also find his comments – sexism aside – absurd and shoddy thinking.

Carlson’s History of Sexist Comments

In 2019, some recordings of Tucker Carlson saying disgusting, sexist things about women (I think even including his own daughter?) surfaced (you can read more about that on The Daily Beast site), and Carlson refused to apologize for them.

Excerpts from that Daily Beast page about the Carlson recordings:

According to the media watchdog organization Media Matters, Carlson repeatedly called into the popular radio program Bubba the Love Sponge between 2006 and 2011 and let loose with sexist and misogynistic language—often at the expense of well-known female figures, including Arianna Huffington and Elena Kagan, a then-Supreme Court nominee and now an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

Carlson was working for MSNBC and Fox News while he was reportedly devoting about an hour a week to these rants, in which he appeared to defend statutory rape and called for the elimination of rape shield laws, among other things.

During a 2009 conversation about polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of felony rape as an accomplice, Carlson suggested Jeffs was only sent to prison because “he’s weird and unpopular.”

On Jeffs facilitating marriages between grown men and underage girls, Tucker said: “I just don’t think it’s the same thing exactly as pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting that child.”

“The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person, so it is a little different. I mean, let’s be honest about it.”

When the show’s co-host called the defense “twisted” and “demented,” Carlson responded by doubling down on his defense of Jeffs. “He’s not accused of touching anybody, Carlson said. “He is accused of facilitating a marriage between a 16-year-old girl and a 27-year-old man.”

….Throughout the years, Carlson also repeatedly took aim at many prominent women, including his then-co-workers at MSNBC, where he worked from 2005 to 2008.

In 2006, Carlson described TV host Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart’s daughter, as “cunty,” and said he wanted to “give her the spanking she so desperately needs.”

In 2008, when discussing an ad that featured Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Carlson called the women the “biggest white whores in America.”

Carlson also expressed his own personal dislike of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan ahead of her confirmation. Noting that he’d never vote for her, he said, “I do feel sorry for her in that way. I feel sorry for unattractive women… physically, the problems with her are fundamental. She’s never going to be an attractive woman.”
— end excerpts —

(Link): Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize amid uproar over past comments on ‘extremely primitive’ women


by William Cummings
March 11, 2019

Fox News host Tucker Carlson refused to apologize after clips from old radio interviews in which Carlson made controversial remarks about women and child rape were circulated on social media Sunday.

Media Matters, a self-described “progressive media watchdog,” published clips and transcripts from appearances Carlson made between 2006 and 2011 on a popular shock-jock radio program called “Bubba the Love Sponge.”

In two appearances, Carlson jokingly downplayed the crimes of cult leader – and convicted child sex offender – Warren Jeffs. In other clips, he calls women “extremely primitive,” says he feels “sorry for unattractive women,” uses the c-word to describe a woman, calls one woman a “pig” and refers to two other women as “whores.”

(Link): Tucker Carlson, no acceptable sentence begins with ‘I’m not for child rape, I’m just saying’ 


I tweeted Carlson myself saying that I’d be happy to come on his show and state that sexualising 14-year-old girls and referring to women as ‘white whores’ is disturbing and immoral. He hasn’t reached out with an invitation yet

by Holly Baxter
March 11, 2019

Tucker Carlson, no acceptable sentence begins with ‘I’m not for child rape, I’m just saying’

…There is a lot to be said about this dumpster-fire collection of recordings.

One is that it demonstrates perfectly the psychological barriers some men employ when they want to defend the indefensible.

Fourteen-year-olds are sexual, so long as they’re not your own children. Women “cry rape” all the time, unless it’s your wife and a violent stranger in a dark alley.

Men are cleverer and more talented and the public sphere is inherently male, so when a woman becomes prominently successful it must be because she is unnatural, “anti-man”, unable to succeed in her proper domain; or an “attention-seeking whore” who has gained fame by playing sexual tricks on male viewers.

…When we say that calling women “cunts” and “whores” and feeling sorry for men convicted of sexually assaulting 12-year-olds might be forgivable because “2008 was a long time ago” (really?) and “things like that were much more acceptable before MeToo” (really?!), we are capitulating to this worldview.

Remember that he wants you to live in a country where saying vile, misogynist things and wondering aloud whether there might be shades of grey in cases of child rape counts as “something naughty”. Something naughty is something expected. Something naughty is something normal. Something naughty is something everyone does once in a while.

(Link): Don’t buy Tucker Carlson’s excuse: The Fox News host’s ‘twisted’ and ‘demented’ comments on women reflect his deeply grotesque history of misogyny

Carlson has a track record of being a sexist bastard. Those comments above, and his newer comments where he blames all women for the actions of a male mass murderer, are not “based.” They are not hip, cool, or defensible, no matter where you are politically. They are disgusting.

Carlson and his conservative friends at the time of those 2019 leaked recordings unwisely chose to portray Carlson as a victim, in particular of liberals picking on conservatives – which was not the entire case in this specific incident.

Cancel Culture does exist, and it was invented by liberals, even though most deny it, while the other half of liberals insist that Cancel Culture is merely “holding people accountable,” when the truth is that Cancel Culture is the use of bullying and intimidating tactics to threaten conservatives into shutting up.

While it’s true that liberals and progressives support and maintain anti-free speech postures, such as Cancel Culture, that fact does not absolve Carlson of the nasty comments he made about women years ago.

Carlson Opposes Leftist Victimhood Culture and Identity Group Politics, Yet, on His Program, He Often Depicts American Males As a Group as Being Victims in Society

I also find it the height of hypocrisy that while Carlson (and other conservatives like him) constantly complain (rightly so) about how liberals and progressives have created a “victimhood culture,” that Carlson (and those like him) never the less go on to complain and moan that boys and men are supposedly victims in American culture!

Why does Carlson believe it’s acceptable for him to engage in this special pleading? Why does Carlson believe it’s wrong for liberals or progressives to complain about this or that group being victims (oppressed / oppressor world view) when he himself and some of this guests (including some women guests!) frequently depict boys and men of being victims?

Carlson himself, or some of his female guests, often goes into tirades on his show about how women and girls have life so much easier than men and boys (no, they don’t), or how men and boys just endure so much stress and unfairness in life.

Carlson ends up sounding like an embittered Incel or MGTOW or MRA.

This is not based nor is it defensible.  If you don’t want anyone to consider conservatives or Republicans as sexist or as engaging in a war on women, stop making sexist comments, stop defending people who make sexist comments or stop defending the sexist comments themselves, and get rid of any sexist world views or expectations you may be holding.

Rolling Stone weighed in on the fiasco (though this one addressed the story from a marijuana angle):

(Link): Reefer Madness: Tucker Carlson and Friends Blame Weed for Gun Massacres


by N. Ramirez
July 6, 2022

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson laid blame for the murder of six people at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, on social media, porn, video games, women who are too naggy, and young men being “​​high on government endorsed weed.”

More Material Responding to Carlson’s Sexist and Ridiculous Assertions about Crimo:

(Link): Tucker Carlson outrageously blames mass shootings on women lecturing about ‘privilege’ after Highland Park

(copy here, via Yahoo News: Tucker Carlson outrageously blames mass shootings on women lecturing about ‘privilege’ after Highland Park)

‘Would you sell a gun to that guy? Does he seem like a nutcase? Of course he does,’ quipped the Fox News host

July 6, 2022
by Johanna Chisholm

In response to the Highland Park, Illinois mass shooting that left seven dead and dozens wounded, Tucker Carlson offered up a ridiculous explanation for what’s driving mass shootings in the US: women “lecturing” about men’s “privilege” and weed.

The Fox host introduced the controversial take during his Tuesday night programme by first pulling up a picture of 21-year-old Robert Crimo, the suspected shooter in Monday’s massacre, and said he wouldn’t “sell a gun to that guy”.

“Look at Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo,” said Mr Carlson. “Would you sell a gun to that guy? Does he seem like a nutcase? Of course he does.”

… The host then asked his viewers why the accused gunman didn’t raise any alarms prior to the Independence Day shooting, despite the fact that the host noted during the same segment how police were called to the 21-year-old’s home twice in 2019 over his threats to harm himself and kill his family.

…He also claimed, without providing any hard figures or statistics, that Mr Crimo, like so many young men, are “numbed by the endless psychotropic drugs that are handed out at every school in the country by crackpots posing as counsellors”.

But the moment that seems to have struck a chord with the Twitterverse was when the far-right commentator delivered a line that suggested that women, more specifically their so-called insistence to remind their male counterparts about “privilege”, were causing young men to go “nuts”.

“They’re angry. They know that their lives will not be better than their parents’. They’ll be worse. That’s all but guaranteed,” he said. “And yet the authorities in their lives – mostly women – never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You’re male, you’re privileged!’”

The remarks, which quickly drew the ire of online commenters, went further to nearly defend the so-called “angry”, predominantly male mass shooters, after he said: “Imagine that. Try to imagine an unhealthier, unhappier life than that. So, a lot of young men in America are going nuts. Are you surprised?”

Backlash to Mr Carlson’s Tuesday night comments were swift in condemning the far-right agitator, with some highlighting how Conservative pundits such as Mr Tucker will find a way to blame gun violence on nearly everything under the sun, except guns.

“98% of mass shootings are committed by men, but Tucker Carlson still found a way to blame women. You can’t make this s**t up,” tweeted user @TheScottCharles, while another listed all the things the Fox host was willing to blame for mass shootings – “marijuana, SSRIs, social media, porn, video games, school counselors, women (seriously)” – and all the things the pundit wouldn’t note, including guns or the accused shooter.

(Link):  Tucker Carlson Blames Women for Male Mass Shooters


By Vivian Kane
Jul 6th, 2022

….According to Tucker, the problem is women.

Showing a photo of the 21-year-old charged with murders, Carlson marveled that he was able to buy guns legally, given that he was already deemed a “clear and present danger” by authorities and, according to Carlson’s expert opinion, “seemed like a nutcase.”

“Why didn’t anyone raise an alarm?” he asked.

… Of course, there were alarms raised, and law enforcement had to intervene twice in 2019 after the man made threats against himself and others. And yes, obviously, this person should not have had access to high-powered rifles!

But instead of speaking about the obvious need for gun control laws, Carlson instead made a wild leap to baseless claims of over-medication and nagging women.

I know Fox News has had to admit in court that Carlson doesn’t actually believe a lot of the things he says, but I do genuinely believe that he is incapable of imagining anything worse—anything unhealthier or unhappier—than being asked to be aware of your own privilege. Of course the heir to the Swanson frozen-food fortune, who rode a wave of nepotism right into a career in journalism, can think of nothing worse than being reminded that privilege exists.

In his mind, and in this hypothetical scenario based on nothing that he’s now put forth, the worst villain in America is nagging women for berating young men to the point of somehow forcing them to commit violence.

That’s a staggering level of “look what you made me do” victim-blaming on a mass scale. In a world where an estimated one in three women worldwide have experienced intimate partner violence, and where nearly 40% of women murdered are killed by an intimate partner—with the vast majority of that violence being perpetrated by men—the last thing we need is a baseless straw-man narrative blaming a nonexistent epidemic of hypothetical shrews driving men to commit mass murder.

I’m not in agreement with every part of this next editorial

(I am not afraid of immigrants, but for the love of God, the Biden administration has left our southern border open, and that needs to be halted immediately;
the author is also incorrect about CRT – it is in fact being pushed into elementary schools across the nation – it’s a lie to say that it’s only an abstract, college level legal theory):

(Link):  Tucker Carlson’s Greatest Fear

The Fox News star is afraid of a lot of things — CRT, immigrants, vaccine mandates — but lately it’s become clearer what his greatest source of terror is.

July 10, 2022
by By Ana Marie Cox, political journalist and author

Fox News star Tucker Carlson is the right’s avatar of grievance, the conductor of its orchestral whine about America’s tumble into cultural decadence, its principal hero in a fairy-tale battle against the dark magic of the Very Woke. There has been talk about him running for president, but that would be a demotion from where he is now, widely recognized as “the most powerful conservative in America.”

…Just a few days ago, Carlson admitted it plainly: “In my mind, the archetype of the person that I don’t like is a 38-year-old female white lawyer with a barren personal life.” (Gosh, I wonder how that word “barren” got in there.)

The commentator similarly speculated that the Highland Park shooter wasn’t an exceptional case of extremism but rather the product of a cultural moment: “A lot of young men in America … suddenly look and act a lot like this guy” because “they know that their lives will not be better than [those of] their parents” even as “the authorities in their lives — mostly women — never [stop] lecturing them about their so-called privilege.”

… Some have chosen to pick apart Carlson’s hypothesis from a factual perspective. For instance: We really don’t know that much yet about the suspect’s motivations. This type of misogynist speculation certainly won’t help understand what they might be. Then there’s the dubious assertion that young men in general are being constantly harangued about their privilege. It may be a much bigger part of the cultural conversation now, but it’s easily escapable. Might I suggest Fox News?

History and a whole library of research show that civil rights gains for women end up making seismic changes in society.

There’s a much simpler motivation at play here. “Feminists did it” is a fantasy scenario clearly intended to explain this type of violence without having to actually acknowledge or even debate Americans’ incredibly easy access to guns. But look at the deep truth in Carlson’s vision: Women with authority are increasingly unafraid to use their power.

And yes, that can disrupt the lives of men. It can also help men and improve their lives.

A more equitable society is not inherently bad for the male species.
[Note: I do not agree with the author’s full acceptance of abortion. Abortion always ends a life – a baby’s – and doesn’t always help a woman.] Just ask men enjoying the benefits of robust parental leave, to take just one very easy example.

Women getting the vote has been connected to the growth of government social programs and a rise in women’s wages.

Suffrage leaders went on to agitate for access to birth control. And that was a revolution so profound that its effects are still being studied.

Certainly, women’s progress has led to discomfort for a subset of men: They now compete with women for jobs, women are choosier about whom they marry (if they marry at all), more women than men get college degrees. You have to watch what kind of jokes you make, and it’s not cool to catcall. Sometimes, there are consequences for sexual misconduct.

But ultimately, women having control over their own bodies does shift the power paradigm. And that’s what scares Tucker Carlson — and people like him.
— end excerpts —

Stupid, Lame (Not “Based”) Conservative Responses to Carlson’s Sexist Diatribe

Zoloft and Prozac do not cause people to be mass murderers, as Carlson implies or claimed.

I myself took Prozac for a few months and then, later, Zoloft for several years back when I used to have clinical depression, and neither medication caused me to go loopy or violent.

I don’t think that such medications alleviate depression in most who take them (some studies have backed that up), but they don’t drive people to murder, either. There may  be a correlation but not a causation, as Carlson is laying out.

(Link): Tucker: Shooters are men ‘going nuts’ because authorities, women ‘never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege’ – by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


The outrage over his comments was off the books as usual after he argued that many mass shooters have been reportedly on prescription drugs at the time of their killing sprees and we constantly hear women on the left lecturing white males on their so-called privilege. He also pointed out the sad fact that American men “inhabit” a life filled with “social media, porn, and video games,” and “government-endorsed weed.”

…Carlson went on to list numerous mass shooters who were on psychotropic drugs at the time they killed others.

“Eric Harris, the columbine killer was on Zoloft and Luvox. A year earlier, a 15-year-old called Kip Kinkel shot his parents and dozens of classmates. He was on Prozac. In 2005, a 16-year-old called Jeff Weise killed his grandfather and ten kids in Minnesota. He was on Prozac, too. So was 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak who murdered six people at Northern Illinois University. In 2012, you may recall when 25-year-old James Holmes walked into a movie theater and shot 82 people. He was on Zoloft,” he said.
— end excerpts —

The following is from Post Millennial, a site I usually find helpful, but it’s sad they are repeating this dreck:

(Link): WATCH: Tucker Carlson blames man-hating culture for mental health issues among young men

“The authorities in their lives,” Carlson said, “mostly women, never stopped lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You’re male! You’re privileged!’ Imagine that.”

July 6, 2022

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night addressed the issue of mass shooting, and the young men who commit them, placing part of the blame for poor mental state of these individuals on a society and culture that tells them they are worthless and that they should be ashamed of their sex.
— end excerpts —

Women have a much more difficult time in American society than men do, and this has been true for years.

Women had to fight for the right to vote, for god’s sake, a right (white) men in this nation always had (which black American males received in 1870, but which eluded both black and white women for years after).

Women are taught from the time they are girls, by the wider culture and many religions, they should be ashamed of their sex.

These days, some biological men are even pretending to be women and shoving females out of female sports, these men are using leftist trans ideology to get access to women’s bathrooms, prisons, and domestic violence shelters, where they are raping women.

I grew up in a conservative, Christian household, and under gender complementarian and traditional gender role teachings and attitudes held by most conservatives and Christians,
I was indoctrinated for years to believe things like (but not limited to) that the female sex was “lower” than the male sex, that women are not rational, women should not be assertive, that my only value as a female was to “look pretty” for men and to get pregnant one day.

Those are dehumanizing, patronizing, insulting and sexist messages to constantly instill into a person from the time they are a child, but a lot of American culture, both secular and culture practice this, and the Christians who cling to traditional gender roles celebrate that sexist shit and say, “Amen! That’s how it should be!”

No, I do not think that progressives (or anyone) should be “shaming” boys for being boys, but…

Sorry to inform Tucker Carlson, but the last five or so years of the progressives bleating on and on about “male privilege” and “toxic masculinity” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the day- to- day sexist garbage women have faced from liberal and conservative men for decades and decades, in both careers and in their personal lives, for being women.

Also, if boys sometimes feel ashamed for not excelling at this or that thing or endeavor in culture, maybe that is due to that Toxic Masculinity in culture, which keeps informing men from the time they are boys that being a man means having sex with a lot of women all the time,
that being masculine also means never crying openly or admitting to emotional frailty in front of others or seeking mental health assistance, and all the other “tough guy” stereotypes that increase mental health problems in males.

Concluding Thoughts

Sometimes Carlson’s opinions are correct, but almost any time he discusses anything having to do with men or women, he gets it incredibly wrong and has to weave a bunch of woman-blaming, sexist bullshit into the mix.

I still watch his show (almost every night), but I doubt he believes half of what he says. He comes across as pandering to the Fox audience, as though he’s assuming all of us conservatives who are watching support old school sexism (traditional gender roles) and that we all have the same irrational hatred for feminists that he does – we don’t.

I can no longer take him completely seriously on those grounds, but also considering small tid bits like the fact he rips on Joe Biden’s son almost every night, and yet, a few years ago, he and/or his wife wrote the most sycophantic letters to Hunter Biden asking Biden to write a letter of recommendation to get their son into some fancy college or some such.

But it’s quite common for men, especially conservative men, and above all, religious conservative men, to blame WOMEN for the SINS and failures of men.

Christian gender complementarian men, and Christian men of history, are always, and have always done things, like blame sin on Eve, wrongly argue that Bathsheba “tempted” David (when in fact David exploited his power differential over her to rape her), and they always blame women sex abuse victims who are sexually assaulted by male church pastors.

So of course a conservative like Tucker Carlson is going to find a way, no matter how slim and ridiculous, to blame women as a group (or any woman) for the sins and crimes of a male mass shooter.

It’s such a shame. Conservative men can be so right on so many topics but when it comes to women, they often get things terribly, terribly wrong – but then have the nerve to turn around moments later and claim to love, respect, and cherish women – no, they don’t.

Sept 2022 Update

So… the victims are suing the gun manufacturer, not all women every where, as would be Tucker Carlson’s sexist suggestion, no doubt:

(Link): Highland Park shooting victims sue Smith & Wesson for allegedly marketing to young men

Sept 28, 2022
By Patrick Reilly

Survivors of the mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb have filed 11 lawsuits against Smith & Wesson for allegedly marketing to young men at risk of violence — including the 22-year-old shooter Robert Crimo III.

The lawsuits were filed Wednesday by the wounded and families of those killed during the Highland Park tragedy in an effort to hold the gun manufacturer accountable for their alleged connection to the shooting that left seven dead and 48 injured.

…Turnipseed’s lawsuit largely focuses on the weapon Crimo used in the shooting — a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 semiautomatic rifle.

The suit alleges that the gun marker should have been aware that its advertisements would appeal to potentially dangerous customers,“ “namely impulsive young men with hero complexes and/or militaristic delusions attracted to using the particularly high lethality of AR-15 style weapons … to effectively execute their fantasies,” her attorneys wrote.

Turnipseed claims that Smith and Wesson’s ads emphasize the M&P’s utility as a combat weapon, using a shooter’s point-of-view popular in shooting and military video games.

(Link): Could identifying common traits among killers help stop the next mass shooting in the US?


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(Link):  A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party by B. Sacks

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(Link): Ben Shapiro’s Conservative Site Daily Wire Oddly Promoting “Gay Parenting,” and Also, I Guess, Homosexual Male Couples Using Women Surrogates for Babies?

(Link): Fox Cable News Promotes Transgenderism – Which Ticked Off or Alarmed Some People – But Why Are Some, Such as Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, and Other Daily Wire Writers Speaking Out About It?

(Link): Pastor Actually Questions, in the Year 2017, If It’s Acceptable for Mothers to Work Outside of the Home.

(Link): Critique of Federalist Editorial “There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right by Elle Reynolds” – Do Federalist Magazine Members Realize There Are Single, Childless Conservative Women?

(Link): Authors at The Federalist Keep Bashing Singleness in the Service of Promoting Marriage – Which Is Not Okay

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(Link): Joy Pullman at The Federalist is At It Again: This Time, She’s Promoting ‘Bedroom Evangelism,’ Which is Not Biblical

(Link):  American Christian Divorce Rates Vs Atheists and Other Groups – throws a pall over Christian Fairy Tale Teachings about Marriage

(Link): The Conservative, Christian Case for Working Women by J. Merritt 

(Link): Christian Complementarian Owen Strachan Pushing “the Nuclear Family” Narrative – Unfortunately. (The Bible Does Not Prescribe The Family or Marriage as Cures for Individual or Societal Sin)

(Link):  Thoughts Regarding the Essay “Married or single, everyone is greedy,” by Esther Wickham, An Essay Which Misrepresents Adult Singles

(Link): Male Author Slams Woman Author’s Editorial Slamming Working Mothers as Being Insulting Against Women AND Men

(Link): If the Family Is Central, Christ Is Not

(Link): Southern Baptist Al Mohler Intimates That Childless And Childfree Adults Are  Not Human (2019) – and He Thinks This is a Good and Biblical Worldview

(Link):   Motherhood Is Not A Woman’s Most Important Job by J. Wright

(Link): Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world by Catherine Deveny

(Link):  Why are Working Women Starting to Unplug from Their Churches? by Sandra Crawford Williamson (Also discusses never married adult women)

(Link): Are Marriage and Family A Woman’s Highest Calling? by Marcia Wolf – and other links that address the Christian fallacy that a woman’s most godly or only proper role is as wife and mother

(Link):  Southern Baptist’s New Sexist “Biblical Woman” Site – Attitudes in Total Face Palm of a Site One Reason Among Many This Unmarried and Childless Woman Is Saying Toodle-Oo to Christianity

(Link): The Irrelevancy To Single or Childless or Childfree Christian Women of Biblical Gender Complementarian Roles / Biblical Womanhood Teachings

(Link):  “I Regret Having Children” – Various Mothers Interviewed (via NY Post)

(Link): BreakPoint Unfortunately Pushing the False and Un-Biblical “Society Needs Marriage and the Nuclear Family” Rhetoric (and I say this as a Conservative)

(Link):  Fox News Channel Guest Encourages Female Host To Quit, Get Married, Have Babies – Look, I’m Right Wing, But Also A Never-Married Woman, and I Find This Obnoxious

(Link):  Christian ‘historian’ David Barton: Allowing women to vote ‘hurts the entire culture and society’ and prohibiting the female vote kept the family together

(Link):  The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

(Link): The Fragile Male Ego That Can’t Function Without Constant Sexual Validation by S. Ashley

(Link): Why Men Have More Orgasms Than Women by David Ludden (Hint: Male Entitlement is Involved. Notify Every Christian Gender Complementarian, Christian Patriarchalist, MRA, and Incel Ever)

Sexism Is Never Based, Hip, or Cool

This (i.e., Carlson’s blame of women for a man’s murderous actions) is disgusting:

This is not based. This is disgusting:

None of this is “based” or excusable…

In case any of the tweets above where the video clip may be removed, here’s another one:

And another copy:

(Link): Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate banned from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

…The ban comes after the 35-year-old’s comments were branded to be “wildly misogynistic” by activist groups.

In videos originally uploaded to YouTube, Tate appeared to claim that women should “stay at home” and that women “belong” to their male partners.

He was banned from Twitter in 2017, after allegedly saying that victims of sexual assault must ‘bear some responsibility’ in response to the rise of the #MeToo movement.

— — —

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