Florida Family Fight Over Estate of Ailing Mother Leaves Two Dead, One Injured – The Nuclear Family Does Not Make Society More Loving or Ethical

Florida Family Fight Over Estate of Ailing Mother Leaves Two Dead, One Injured – The Nuclear Family Does Not Make Society More Loving or Ethical

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know I’m not anti-Nuclear Family, but lord have mercy, if anything can dispel the extreme over-emphasis upon the Nuclear Family (and marriage and parenthood) that other conservatives put on it, it would be this story below!

How does the “Nuclear Family” make the United States stronger, more cohesive, or better when members of said families are killing each other over an inheritance?

The Nuclear Family is all well and good, but it’s not going to magic bingo bango turn everyone who is in one or who creates one (by way of getting married and having children) more godly, loving, and mature and presto whizo, fix every problem in American culture.

I am not, nor have I ever, argued in favor of unmarried women running out and having promiscuous sex and being single mothers; but this on-going clap trap that my fellow conservatives pawn off, that Nuclear Families, marriage, and parenthood, are all just Tom- T- Terrific and can totally fix the nation, is a bunch of fairy tale hogwash in its own right.

(Link): Murder-suicide in Boca Raton involved family on vacation, police say

July 11, 2022

BOCA RATON, Fla.  — Police said Sunday’s deadly shooting in Boca Raton that claimed two lives involved a man who didn’t have permission to be at a residence where several family members were planning to spend time on vacation.

…A second victim, a man whose name has not been released, also fled from the residence and said he was shot at by a gunman, who was a family member.

While at the scene, police determined that a third victim may have been inside the residence with the gunman, but the other two victims did not see the third victim while inside the home.

…Police said crisis negotiators were unable to contact the gunman or the third victim.

The SWAT Team then entered the home by breaching the front door of the residence.

Once inside, police found both the third victim and the gunman dead. Authorities said it appeared the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

(Link): Florida family fight over estate of ailing mother leaves two dead, one injured

By Selim Algar
July 12, 2022

A vicious family feud over the vacation home of a Florida woman who recently moved into an assisted living facility left two people dead and one wounded from gunshots in Boca Raton over the weekend, cops said.

Several members of the family were scheduled to gather at the residence when it was discovered that another relative who had not been invited was already in the home.

The first family member who arrived at the house on Saturday found the suspect inside and demanded that he leave. But the shooter refused and fatally shot her, cops said.

The following day, two more relatives arrived and found the door locked.

They texted the deceased initial victim and received a response from her phone that the side door was open.

When they entered, the unidentified killer began attacking them, cops said.

Both were able to ultimately flee the scene after one pulled out their own firearm and distracted the estranged relative.

SWAT teams descended on the scene and called for the shooter to come out onto the street.

The officers eventually smashed their way into the house after they were unable to contact the suspect. Inside, they found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Boca Raton officials declined to release any names in connection with the incident, including that of the gunman.


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