Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys To Save His Life 

Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys To Save His Life 

What an ingrate. What male entitlement. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a narcissist or sociopath.

I’d be seething with rage if I were her. – At least for awhile, but in situations like these, if you stay in that anger and rage, it can end up eating you up inside and you can waste precious time that way.

In the long run, it can be best for your mental health if, after you allow yourself time to grieve or feel enraged, to eventually let it go so you can move on.

It’s also stories like this one below that make me feel better about walking away from codependency a few years ago.

Back when I was a codependent, (because my mother and gender complementarian church I was raised in encouraged me to think that being a “godly woman” meant being a doormat, so they instilled all sorts of codependent behaviors into me and my thinking), I was taken advantage of constantly, by so many people – by my ex fiance, co-workers, family, friends.

I could totally see myself having done something like donate a kidney to a friend or boyfriend I knew years ago. These days? Nope. No way. Good luck with your dialysis!

The following story comes from the Bored Panda site, which has a bad habit of telling the main part of their news stories by embedding images (screen captures) from IG, Twitter, texts, and e-mails. I am not going to type all that, so if you want the full context of this story and see the comments this man and woman made to one another, click the link and view the screen caps on the page.

I think the guy in this story claimed to be a Christian – this is another strike against the Christian “equally yoked” rule. Your average Non-Christian guy is apt to treat you better than this so-called “Christian” one.

(Link): Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys To Save His Life 

July 15, 2022

by Robertas Lisickis and Saulė Tolstych

… Donating an organ is considered one of the most altruistic things anyone could do, so you’d think there’d also be a high degree of gratitude in response, right?

Meet 30-year-old Colleen Le from Yorba Linda, California, with whom Bored Panda got in touch. Not too long ago, Colleen shared a video in satire form with the caption “excited my boyfriend gets a second chance at life after getting my kidney”. Plot twist, the last fraction of the second part of the video shows Colleen planking on the bed with the caption “cheats on me”.


Well, there is context, so let’s rewind.

Back in 2015, Colleen met a guy she liked and soon learned that he is in desperate need of a kidney. Like, hustling-at-5-percent-capacity kind of need of a new kidney. So, time was running short, needless to say.

Not always, as this one woman shares how she donated a kidney to her boyfriend, and he ended up cheating on her months later

In light of this, Colleen made the tough decision to help him out with one of her kidneys. He never asked or pushed her to do this per se, but was supportive of her decision. Seeing him struggling alone was a decisive factor here.

So, the two went under the knife, and life went back to normal. Happy ending, right? Wrong. Some months after, the boyfriend gave her a surprise visit with an even more surprising confession—that he had cheated on her.

This is not looking good no matter how you spin it, especially considering that she gave him a second chance at life and that he was a devout Christian. Nonetheless, Colleen ended up giving their relationship another go. However, in retrospect, she doesn’t really understand how this could have possibly ended well.

[At one point, he sends her a text message saying that he and his church group were going to spend a weekend in Vegas]

Not too long after that, the two had an argument. In the heat of things, the boyfriend suggested stepping back for a moment and, in very Christian fashion, reading some scripture together. That was a hard no from Colleen, she wanted to hash things out through talking.

This prompted an, “If God wanted us to be together, then we’ll find a way back together in the end” from him. And she was very promptly blocked by him on social media and life in general.

It was painful. On many levels.

After long consideration, she ended up going under the knife for him, and life went back to normal when, after a bachelor party, he confessed that he had been unfaithful

She had given away a literal part of herself so that he could live better, yet he didn’t seem to have much of a problem cutting ties like he did and just moving on.

He did try to sneak back into her life a few months later after zero contact, but she was having none of it. The moment coincided with the 1-year-anniversary of the kidney transplant. She felt like he had reached out because of guilt, nothing more.

Despite all of this, she does not regret saving his life the way she did.

The relationship didn’t last, but Colleen doesn’t have any regrets about it—she saved a life and that’s what matters

[She later gave him a second chance, and they got back together for awhile]

Her story found its way in segments onto TikTok where it recently got a lot of attention. The recent video of her recapping this life event got over 11 million views with 2.8 million likes and loads of engagement. Though she did have other videos explaining the context and responding to questions, which netted her another 170,000+ views collectively.

Amidst all of this, she shared how she felt about the whole issue, saying how her ex managed to blurt out that she only did this to look good, and how weird she feels about the fact that her kidney is now in her ex’s body. “No regrets though,” as the caption on one of those videos stated.

The fallout did include her boyfriend blaming her for doing all of this just to look good, but she denied it

… Colleen decided to forgive and forget. It wasn’t easy, she said, explaining that accepting everything and moving on was actually the hardest part in this story, but she wasn’t alone: “My family and friends were very supportive of my decision to donate. If anything, they were just worried about my future health. They were so angry for me after they found out he cheated. They thought I deserved more respect.” Much of the internet felt the same way.


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