Bride Among Four Dead As Wedding Car Plunges Into Ravine and is ‘Swept Away’

Bride Among Four Dead As Wedding Car Plunges Into Ravine and is ‘Swept Away’

I am sorry these people are dead – truly – but part of me marvels when I see stories like this one (and I’ve got more like this one on this blog).

Stories of people who die within hours or days of just having gotten married.

I am a conservative, so I’ve nothing against “the nuclear family” and marriage and so on, but I disagree to the insane degree to which other conservative push those concepts.

They will often publish bogus studies claiming that married persons are happier or healthier than singles (again, such studies have been proven false before), but they never account for the news items or situations where two people marry, and one of them turns out – is found out after marriage by the other spouse – to be abusive, a pedophile, or where one or both die in a car accident or whatever within moments of marriage.

The older I get, I’m learning that a lot of life is not actually what happens to you (or what does not happen), but how you view the things that happen to you (or well, the things that don’t happen to you – if you’re wanting something to happen but it never does).

WEDDING HORROR Bride among four killed as wedding car plunges into a ravine and is ‘swept away in raging river’

by Katie Davis
July 17, 2022

AT least four people including a bride have been killed after a car carrying a wedding party skidded off a road and plunged into a steep rocky ravine.

Emergency services rushed to the scene in Pakistan after the vehicle, which had nine people inside including three kids and a baby, crashed before being swept away by a river, it’s reported.

It’s understood the driver lost control of the car while turning a sharp bend on the Muzaffarabad-Neelam Valley road before plummeting into a deep gorge.

The bride, 19-year-old Safeena Lateef, was killed in the smash, while the groom, Owais, 22, was injured.

At least three others died in the tragedy – the male driver and two women.

Five kids aged between six months and five were also hurt in the crash and dashed to hospital.

Police discovered the wreckage of the car and recovered the bodies – but were unable to locate two of them amid fears they had been swept away in the Neelum River.

Horror pictures show the crumpled car on its side after falling into the gorge.

It comes after a newlywed bride died on her honeymoon in a horror golf buggy accident.

Marina Morgan, 29, and her new husband Robbie were on a dream holiday when their buggy overturned while trying to do a U-turn on June 20.


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