Bride Shot In Head, Killed During Celebratory Gunfire at Wedding

Bride Shot In Head, Killed During Celebratory Gunfire at Wedding

All of those marriage-worshippers out there, telling you you’ll be much happier if you just marry…  that you can supposedly fix all of society if you just marry, dang it!

Well, this lady got married and was shot and killed moments after.

It’s a sad story – sorry for her family’s loss. I just saw the headline and it confirms again that marriage isn’t the end-all, be-all, even if you had hoped to marry but remain single.

(Link): Bride shot in head, killed during celebratory gunfire at wedding

by Ben Cost
July 18, 2022

An Iranian bride tragically died at her own wedding after getting hit by a stray bullet during a round of celebratory gunfire.

Mahvash Leghaei, 24, had reportedly just tied the knot when a male guest decided to mark the occasion by firing off some ceremonial gunshots — a custom that’s illegal in Iran.

Unfortunately, the shooter’s festive firearm display, in which he allegedly used an unlicensed hunting rifle, backfired horribly: While the first shot went off without incident, a second round reportedly went through Leghaei’s skull and brain before hitting two male guests, according to reports.

“We had an emergency call of a shooting at a wedding hall in Firuzabad city and officers were dispatched immediately,” a police spokesperson, Colonel Mehdi Jokar, told Newsflash of the freak accident, which occurred at the wedding south of Shiraz.

Jokar chalked up the marital misfire to “crowds” and a “poor control of the weapon.”

The bride subsequently went into a coma and later succumbed to her wounds. Fortunately, the other two victims survived with minor injuries.

Following the incident, the unnamed shooter — who is reportedly a cousin of the groom — allegedly fled the scene with the weapon in tow, but was apprehended by police shortly thereafter.

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