NYC Bakery Makes Genital – Shaped Pastries

NYC Bakery Makes Genital – Shaped Pastries

Why oh why does everything in our society have to be sexualized? 🤮

(Link): Sugar Wood, NYC’s sexiest bakery, has customers hot and ready

July 14, 2022
By Adriana Diaz

Sugar Wood is Manhattan’s sexiest bakery, here to satisfy all your naughtiest cravings.

New York City just opened its first-ever adult-themed bakery serving up waffle Woodys (penis shaped) or Kittys (vagina shaped) so fresh and hot they’ll be dripping… in a variety of sweet sauces including milk chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, strawberry and white chocolate.

The Soho shop had a soft opening last week, but a flurry of fans have come in hard and fast — and others are dying to have a taste thanks to a now-viral Instagram post that received nearly 1 million views in four hours.

Sugar Wood is currently welcoming drooling customers at 157 Prince Street Wednesday through Sunday, but already has plans to expand its hours and menu. They are currently testing vegan and gluten-free options, too.

The bakery was started by celebrity baker and Magnolia Bakery executive Tom Smallwood, and Tio Gazpacho founder and CEO Austin Allan, both members of the LGBTQ+ community who are ready to bring some sugar, spice and everything nice.

… New Yorkers who aren’t in the mood for an R-rated dessert can support the shop by purchasing some merchandise including tote bags, logo crop tops and T-shirts.

“Everyone’s welcome and everyone’s welcome to order what they like,” Allan said. The team has fun serving up their treats asking customers how deep they want it (the dessert dips) and reminding them to blow (it’s hot!) but also hopes to inspire casual and open conversations about sex and gender.

… Don’t forget to snap a picture while taking a lick of a plump Woody or Kitty or striking a sexy pose in a Sugar Wood crop top next to one of the many discreetly phallic figures on the erotic mural wall.


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