Mom Busted for Selling Newborn Baby to Pay For $3,600 Nose Job

Mom Busted for Selling Newborn Baby to Pay For $3,600 Nose Job

Being a parent does not make a person more loving, ethical, responsible, or godly.

I say this because too often other conservatives and hyper-pro-nuclear family advocates, such as Al Mohler and Brad Wilcox (of “National Marriage Project” and “Institute for Family Studies”) keep pumping out propaganda that society could only be vastly improved if everyone would marry and have children – because they believe marriage and parenthood automatically confer good character into a person – which is not true.

If you’re willing to sell a baby for cash to get a nose job, quite obviously, being a parent didn’t make you less selfish, more loving, etc.

(Link): Mom busted for selling newborn baby to pay for $3,600 nose job

by Andrew Court
July 11, 2022

Big nose, small heart.

A ruthless Russian woman has reportedly been arrested for selling her newborn baby to pay for a $3,600 rhinoplasty.

The 33-year-old woman — whose name has not been disclosed by Russian media — was taken into custody in late May on suspicion of human trafficking, the Daily Star reports.

The mom is said to have given birth to a baby boy on April 25 at a hospital in the southern city of Kaspiysk, before selling him off just five days later to a local couple looking to become parents.

According to a statement from Russian officials obtained by Newsflash, the heartless mama met “with a local resident [and] agreed to hand over her newborn son, who was in a state of helplessness, for a reward of 200,000 rubles ($3,200 USD).”

On the day she handed the boy over, she allegedly issued the new parents a “waiver for the rights to the child.” In return, she received a small upfront payment of $360 USD.

…The new parents purportedly told investigators that the woman gave them the baby and his birth certificate, but denied paying directly for the tot. They said the mother subsequently asked for $3,200 USD for the cost of a nose job for “better breathing” and they were happy to oblige.

The mom was pictured posing in a police photo taken after her arrest and it appears she did not manage to have her rhinoplasty before cops caught up with her.

“Currently, a series of investigative actions is being carried out, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime committed and consolidating evidence of the suspect’s guilt,” the official Russian statement reportedly read.


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