This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine by Krista Torres

This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine by Krista Torres

(Link): This Woman’s “Traumatize The Men” Series Is Truly Giving Creepy Guys A Taste Of Their Own Disgusting Medicine


by Krista Torres

Hello, internet. Meet Kitti. She has caught the attention of millions of people on TikTok for showing how she handles situations with creepy men who approach her against her will.

…”Just to prove that this literally does happen to me every single day, I’m making more of an effort to record my actions just because it goes to show that if you can creep them out, they leave you alone.

My philosophy on it is if they’re going to give me the displeasure of having to interact with them, I’m going to make sure they regret ever thinking of talking to me,” Kitti says in the TikTok.

The man asks if he can give Kitti his number, to which she replies, “You don’t want to give me your number because anyone who’s in my phone gets contacted by organ harvesters.”

He asks what that is, and she explains, “It’s people who take your organs and sell them.”

He quickly tells her never mind and walks away.

On another day, a delivery guy — who was at least 10 years older than her — asked if they went to the same high school.

As she begins walking away, he yells to ask if she has a boyfriend.

Her response? “Not one that’s alive anymore.”

Some other videos include a guy asking if he could hang out with and her replying, “People don’t like to hang out with me because I like to dig up dead things and carve them up.”

As Kitti said, these types of harassment happen to her EVERY DAY, and it is NOT OK. In this video, some guy literally turned his car completely around and followed her into a neighborhood to hit on her:

(video on their page, which I won’t embed here; you can visit their page to view this, and the other TikTok videos)

BuzzFeed spoke to Kitti, who said that she first started getting inappropriate comments from men when she was in elementary school. “I first realized what it was when I was 10, but comments had been made much younger — I just didn’t process them as suggestive until I was older,” she said.

Kitti said she’s always been good at creeping out bullies, so she started using that same energy toward men who entered her narrative against her will. “They’re always just super confused and put off. They don’t necessarily feel proper rejection, so they don’t get all emotional. Instead, they choose to leave the interaction. Men will always ask, ‘Why not?’ when rejected anyway, so I give them a solid preemptive reason.”

“We femme-presenting people and women don’t get the luxury of saying ‘no’ politely since it can get us murdered. We always have to give a reason when we reject advances anyway, so why not have fun and teach them a little lesson about approaching strangers?
As for anyone who identifies as male, if you actually hear this message, then congrats! You are not part of TheMen(tality).
If you hear this message and automatically know it’s not about you, you are not the problem, and we want you here. TheMen is a state of mind, not something assigned at birth. Listen, learn, and educate others,” she added.

Lastly, Kitti hopes her videos help remind people that no one has to put up with unwanted interactions.
“It is possible to stand your ground. I’m creepy because it does not escalate the situation and makes unwanted advancers leave with just a wee bit of trauma, which hopefully will stick with them the next time they think to bug a pretty girl. If I’m the villain in their narrative, then that’s fine by me,” she concluded.


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