My Boyfriend Blew $10K on his OnlyFans Addiction – While I Was Nursing Newborn by Andrew Court

My Boyfriend Blew $10K on his OnlyFans Addiction – While I Was Nursing Newborn by Andrew Court

One of several types of news stories that infuriate me more than others are men who have affairs on, or use porn, while their wife (or in this case, girlfriend) is pregnant or has just given birth.

Talk about selfish, entitled, and quite possibly on the narcissism spectrum – these men cannot be bothered to practice self control long enough to be faithful to their female partner while or shortly after she gives birth.

Society really does bask in male entitlement. Society coddles males and encourages them to act in this manner, doesn’t victimize them, contrary to Tucker Carlson.

(Link): My boyfriend blew $10K on his OnlyFans addiction — while I was nursing newborn 

July 11, 2022

A Kansas mom has gone viral after revealing her baby daddy spent more than $10,000 on OnlyFans and was secretly chatting away with porn stars while she was pregnant.

The woman — known only as “Kelsey” for privacy reasons — disclosed the devastating discovery in a clip that has clocked up more than 1 million views on TikTok.

In the viral video, Kelsey, 28, is seen holding her newborn baby, as text appears on the screen, which reads: “When you’re 4 weeks postpartum and you find out that your boyfriend hid an addiction from you for your entire three-year relationship where he spent thousands of dollars on OnlyFans for custom content instead of saving for your family.”

In subsequent clips, the mortified mama said she learned her man maxed out his high-interest credit card to keep feeding his OnlyFans fetish — but declared that she is staying with him as he tries to beat his porn problem.

In a new interview with, Kelsey dished further details about the moment she discovered her baby daddy’s horny habit, saying: “I was up feeding our child one night when he was about four weeks old, and my partner had left his phone in the nursery.”

“I found a saved WhatsApp conversation in his files app, along with some pictures,” she added. “I guess he’d been talking to this same sex worker and buying her content of many videos for years. I woke him up and confronted him immediately and from there, more information came out throughout the day.”

The new mom said she had busted her boyfriend looking at porn on Reddit in the past, but that he had told her that he was not subscribed to any OnlyFans accounts.

“Looking back, when he said that he would never spend money on OnlyFans and that he thought it was stupid, I should have seen that as a red flag,” she admitted.

Kelsey was initially devastated by her boyfriend’s betrayal, but the pair worked together to find him a therapist to help with his addiction.

“He found a therapist, we put screen time controls on his phone and he shows me his bank statements,” she stated. “He’s also trying to find a new job where he won’t have to travel so much, because being apart definitely doesn’t help the problem.”

To break down the stigma around porn addiction, Kelsey has now turned her TikTok account into a space for people to share stories about their or their partner’s dependency on X-rated content.

…The account has even attracted the attention of one OnlyFans porn star who claimed to have corresponded with Kelsey’s man.

“Unfortunately I’m one of those girls and if I would’ve known I would’ve given the money right back,” the kinky content creator confessed.

However, the TikTok page has opened the mama up for her fair share of criticism.

One cruel TikToker even accused Kelsey of being the problematic partner in the relationship, savagely stating: “Perhaps you should be giving him what he wants and needs so he isn’t looking elsewhere to satisfy basic human desires.”

Elsewhere, some of Kelsey’s followers have slammed the new mom for staying with her partner, accusing her of suffering from low self-esteem.

“People get mad when I don’t take their advice, but they’re only seeing a small part of my life and people don’t understand how common this kind of behaviour actually is,” she stated. “I’d be willing to bet that some of their partners are doing the same thing.”

Kelsey made the disturbing discovery back in May, and says her relationship ironically now feels more open, honest and trusting.

“It’s been almost two months now and we still talk about it daily,” she stated.


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