‘Bridegroom Ripper’, 37, From TV Wedding Reality Show ‘Dismembered Wife-To-Be, 39, Before Storing Her Heart in His Freezer’ in Ukraine

‘Bridegroom Ripper’, 37, From TV Wedding Reality Show ‘Dismembered Wife-To-Be, 39, Before Storing Her Heart in His Freezer’ in Ukraine

There are some things worse in life than being single when you had expected to be married, and that can include getting married only for your spouse to kill you and cut your heart out and put in a freezer.

Also, let this go to show that the usual Christian prattle about marriage is not true: God does not with-hold spouses from terrible people; you do not have to achieve perfection or godliness before God will permit you a spouse; marriage does not make a person more loving, mature, responsible, or godly.

I feel sorry for this lady. This is terrible.

(Link): ‘Bridegroom ripper’, 37, from TV wedding reality show ‘dismembered wife-to-be, 39, before storing her heart in his freezer’ in Ukraine

July 14, 2022

A ‘bridegroom ripper’ accused of dismembering his bride-to-be and keeping her heart and genitals in his freezer has been arrested in Ukraine.

Hotshot lawyer Petr Begun, a former murder investigator, allegedly strangled Olha Davydenko, 39, before cutting up her body and throwing some pieces away.

The 37-year-old butcher suspect had been a participant in marriage reality show marriage Blind Wedding and claimed to be a ‘motivational coach’.

He posed as a potential husband for the 2019 episode.

His alleged victim was a woman he met earlier this year.

‘The groom-ripper tore out his beloved’s heart, kidneys and female sex organs’, local reports quoted regional police chief Andrei Nebytov.

Over several days he disposed of her other remains in landfill sites, sometimes taking ‘suspicious packages’ out on his bike.

The victim’s pelvis and part of her spine were found in a suitcase thrown into a pond.

Her severed hands and feet in another dumped bag.

She was initially recognised by her clothing and later identified by fingerprints, he said.

The alleged wartime murder was ‘a terrible story of deadly love, cynicism, and a desperate attempt to hide the traces of the crime in Kyiv region’, the report added.

The pair had been together since just before the Russian invasion began on February 24.

She moved in with him one week after they met and was ‘happy’.

Begun had been a criminal investigator for the Ukrainian state prosecutors’ office.

At the time of the alleged crime, he was working as a lawyer.

He faces charges of murder and illegal storage of ammunition found at his village home. He could be jailed for up to 15 years.

Kyiv regional police said: ‘The man explained that there was a conflict between him and the woman, because of which he strangled her.

‘In order to hide the traces of the crime, he dismembered the body and tried to hide the remains.’

When he participated in the marriage TV show, he said: ‘I’m cheerful, friendly, happy, active, quick-witted, inventive, with a sense of humour, and an optimist.
— end excerpts —

So. It can be difficult to be single when you had hoped to have a companion as you go through life, but it bears repeating that it is better to be single and to remain single than to end up in a relationship where you are abused or murdered.

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