13 Truly Horrific Dating Stories We Can Only Laugh About

13 Truly Horrific Dating Stories We Can Only Laugh About

I skimmed through most of these, and while a lot of these dates sounded weird or awkward, I don’t think most came across as “horrific.”

(Link): 13 Truly Horrific Dating Stories We Can Only Laugh About 


By Lani Rigby, News.com.au
July 26, 2022

Dating is hard and it can often not go as planned. We’re all used to the guy who can’t pay for dinner because he ‘forgot’ his wallet and the date that just can’t get over their ex.

But here are some undeniably awful experiences to (hopefully) make you feel better about your own dating life.

From exposed diaries to two-hour talks about Marxism to mid-sex injuries, horror dates occur on the daily. So, sit back, sip some tea, and enjoy reading these 13 bad dating stories.

… A family meeting

“I had Tinder for a little bit just to fill the loneliness void (what a mistake that was). I was talking to this guy who had a really nice car (before I started talking to him, I saw his profile and his car and I super liked it, and not too long after we were talking).

After a week or so of talking, he invites me to a car meet.

I get to the car meet and see a bunch of people I already know and a girl that he’s been talking to from Tinder shows up and she goes ‘Oh it’s nice to see that you brought your sister along’ and he had told her that I was his sister.”

…. A Tinder tosser

“This guy was like ‘OK I’ll take you for a drive’. And I was like ‘yeah sure, sounds good’. In his car [his phone] came up with a name with a love heart calling him asking where he was. So, he answered, and he was like I’ve got bad reception I can’t talk. Then she spams his phone being like ‘Where the f*ck are you?’, ‘You should share your location with me’. Turns out he’s been dating this girl for three months and he was still talking to girls on Tinder.”

Movie mayhem

“So, we were at the movies. It was this guy I knew from uni, so I knew him a little bit. So we get to the movies and like 10 minutes in he leans over and grabs my hand and I’m like ohhh I don’t wanna hold hands this is weird. I didn’t know how to subtly stop holding hands so we were holding hands for a solid hour. It was so uncomfortable! I was sitting there like ‘how do I let go of his hand?’

Anyway, eventually I did but it was very awkward. Then after the movie he drove me home and he kind of like leaned over and I was like OMG. And then he leaned back away and he was like ‘What? I can’t even give you a hug?’ and I was like ‘Oh’, cause obviously I thought he was going to kiss me. So I said ‘Oh, uh yeah that’s fine’ and gave him a hug. Then I was like ‘Yeah, maybe let’s just be friends’ and he was like ‘Oh, okay’ and then he never talked to me again. Fun times.”


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