Illegal Migrant is Charged with Kidnap and Double Murder After Drugged Girl, 12, Chewed Through Her Bedpost Restraints, Escaped and Led Cops to Chopped Up Bodies of Her Mom and Brother

Illegal Migrant is Charged with Kidnap and Double Murder After Drugged Girl, 12, Chewed Through Her Bedpost Restraints, Escaped and Led Cops to Chopped Up Bodies of Her Mom and Brother

This news story is one reason of a few as to why I am staunchly anti-illegal-immigration, anti-illegal migrants.

But not the little progressive puke faces and “never Trumpers” out there, including but not limited to, Melody Kay Young, Stephanie Drury, the idiots who post under “Empty the Pews” and “Exvangelical” hash tags, and the morons at Drury’s “Stuff Christian Culture Likes Group.”

I have zero pity for illegal aliens who enter the United States. Zero.

No amount of liberal or progressive mis-quoted Bible verses about illegal aliens can move me on this topic. (Christian gender complementarians also mis-apply and mis-quote the Bible to defend their sexist positions on women.)

(Link): Illegal migrant is charged with kidnap and double murder after drugged girl, 12, chewed through her bedpost restraints, escaped and led cops to CHOPPED UP bodies of her mom, 34, and brother, 14, in Alabama home

August 4, 2022
by Emma James

An illegal immigrant has been charged with kidnapping a 12-year-old girl who alerted cops to the decomposing bodies of his girlfriend and her son, after she chewed through her restraints.

Jose Paulino Pascual-Reyes, 37, drugged the girl with alcohol and has been charged with three counts of capital murder after police in Dadeville, Alabama, made the gruesome discovery.

He has also been charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse and one count of first-degree kidnapping according to Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett.

Pascual-Reyes reportedly smothered his girlfriend Sandra Vazquez Ceja, 34, and kicked and punched her son, 14, to death after kidnapping the girl.

He was reportedly deported from the United States previously, and it is not clear when he is believed to have re-entered the country.

Sheriff Abbett confirmed that Pascual-Reyes is considered a ‘re-entry non-immigrant unlawful presence foreign national’.

The alarm was raised after a driver spotted the girl wandering on 3547 County Road 34 at 8.30am on Monday.

She was reportedly assaulted, drugged with alcohol, and tied to a bedpost during her week-long captivity and only managed to escape by chewing through her restraints, damaging her braces.

Authorities did not indicate whether or not the pair knew each other or how she was taken.

Abbett said that the girl was not considered a missing person at the time the passerby found her, and that she escaped while  Pascual-Reyes was at work on a construction site in Auburn.

…Officers were led to the mobile home of Pascual-Reyes, where they discovered the bodies of Ceja and her son, who has not been named.

Ceja had reportedly been on parole pending an asylum claim according to Fox News Digital.

…According to court documents, investigators believe that Pascual-Reyes killed Ceja by smothering her with a pillow, before murdering her son by hitting and kicking him.

Both bodies were reportedly cut into small pieces at the joints to hide evidence, with Ceja using the address where the bodies were found  on court records for a speeding ticket in April.

Sherriff Abbett said that the girl is ‘doing well’ and has been placed in the custody of the state of Alabama through its Department of Human Resources.

It is thought that the girl was abducted around July 24, and was kept captive for ten days.


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