Trans Activists Want Archeologists to Stop Identifying Skeletons as Male or Female

Trans Activists Want Archeologists to Stop Identifying Skeletons as Male or Female

Nobody is more anti-scientific than progressives, Democrats, and most liberals.

It’s popular on some sites to write off YEC (young earth creationism), literal six day creationist Christians, as being yokels and dumb-dumbs, but nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, takes the cake for stupidity and being anti-scientific like insisting or demanding that the sex of human skeletal remains cannot be determined, because perhaps the dead person “identified” as non-binary or some such idiotic queer theory stupidity.

Contra queer-theory advocates (which would include many Democrats, liberals, and progressives), women do not have penises and men do not have periods (ie, monthly shedding of the uterine lining).

Progressives will bend or flatly deny biological, scientific fact and reality in service of promoting their stupid “Queer Theory.”

(Link): There’s no such thing as a nonbinary skeleton


Trans activists are trying to rewrite ancient history.

August 10, 2022
by Elizabeth Weiss

According to woke archaeologists and anthropologists, ancient human remains should no longer be classified as either male or female. Apparently, this is because we do not know how these people would have identified themselves.

… There are always exceptions to the norm, but most individuals can be classified, according to biological characteristics, as either male or female. Trans activists in the archaeological community are now rejecting this mode of classification.

And they are doing so for a reason: they are trying to erase the reality of biological sex in the present by erasing it in the past. They want to make it look as if the natural human condition is nonbinary.

… In the same book, Raff also claims that binary sex division is a ‘duality imposed by Christian colonisers’. This touches on one of the most important aspects of the trans agenda in archaeology. This movement to retroactively de-sex skeletons is in fact part of a larger attack, within anthropology, on Western civilisation.

… But the sex identification of skeletal remains is made on the basis of biological reality, not ‘Euro-American ideas about sex and sexuality’. And it has been conducted successfully for over a hundred years. Yes, early anthropologists sometimes mistook robust females for males, such as in Eskimo collections.

However, by studying remains, anthropologists learned of cross-cultural, universal traits – especially regarding the pelvis – that can help identify the difference between a biological male and a biological female. These pelvic differences enable women to give birth – something that men have never been able to do.

It is important that anthropologists stand up to the demands of trans activists. The practice of categorising human remains in terms of sex is hugely important, including outside of academia.

For instance, forensic anthropologists who help identify crime victims are often trained by archaeologists. Many forensic anthropologists get their first hands-on experience in sex identification in archaeology classes and field schools. By abandoning skeletal sex identification, we potentially do crime victims and their families a disservice.

(Link): Trans activists want archeologists to stop identifying skeletons as male or female

by Jazz Shaw
August 11 2022

We’ve known for some time now that transgender activism has been making a mess of the sciences, particularly in medicine.

Thousands of years of scientific research is being swept away as medical organizations like the American Medical Association buy into the bizarre notion that people can simply “decide” whether they are male or female.

But it’s not just the field of medicine that’s feeling the impact. Would you have guessed that archeologists and anthropologists are coming under the same sort of pressure as well?

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss is a professor of anthropology at San José State University. (She is also the wife of British UFO researcher Nick Pope.)

In an article she published at Spiked recently, Weiss notes that groups of woke scientists in her field have joined the parade of researchers who are issuing “warnings” about assigning genders to human archeological remains.

You probably don’t need me to explain why they are saying this, right? Apparently, we might be “misgendering” these ancient humans because they are unavailable to ask how they would prefer to be “identified.”

According to woke archaeologists and anthropologists, ancient human remains should no longer be classified as either male or female. Apparently, this is because we do not know how these people would have identified themselves.

Last month, for instance, the Black Trowel Collective, a group of American archaeologists, said we should be ‘wary of projecting our modern sex and gender identity categories on to past individuals’. Some academics have even started to explicitly label ancient human skeletons as ‘nonbinary’ or ‘gender neutral’.

This attempt to stop the sex identification of skeletal remains, dating hundreds or even thousands of years old, probably sounds like a slightly absurd academic squabble – of concern only to archaeologists and anthropologists. But it has far-reaching implications.

Stories such as this one are why I still keep the “HeadDesk” hashtag handy when I’m on Twitter.

I had never heard of the Black Trowel Collective before this, but I checked into it and it’s a real thing. It’s a group of archeologists who are concerned that transgender voices need to be emphasized in their field and they offer microgrants to support work along those lines.

I suppose that’s all well and good if you’re talking about the archeologists themselves and how they wish to be identified. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently offend one of your colleagues for no reason.

But what about the skeletons that they’re digging up? Are they implying that someone who died thousands of years ago is going to be offended? And do they really think there were a lot of people questioning their gender identity that long ago?
(To be fair, there were probably a couple of female Pharaohs in ancient Egypt such as Hatshepsut who passed themselves off as men, but I don’t think that’s the same thing.)

As Dr. Weiss points out in the title of her article, “there’s no such thing as a nonbinary skeleton.” She notes that this is not only an unscientific approach to studying early mankind, but it’s part of a larger cultural war that undermines science.

She writes that the demands of these activists in the archeological community “are trying to erase the reality of biological sex in the present by erasing it in the past.”

But there are real-world implications for this sort of activism as well. As Weiss points out, forensic anthropologists who work in law enforcement frequently begin their education being trained by archaeologists.

How are they supposed to properly identify the remains of a crime victim, allowing the investigation to move forward if they can’t even determine if the person was a man or a woman?

Dr. Weiss also notes that most of this transgender activism is part of a broader trend in the scientific community to promote anti-Westernism and discredit Euro-American ideals.

But it fundamentally seeks to impose some sort of nonbinary past for humankind when this entire concept is very new. (Not to mention not being supported by fundamental medical science.)

Mankind’s ancient history was not nonbinary because people understood gender roles, particularly in terms of procreation, quite well for all of recorded history.

Please watch the video in this Tweet:

This post may be edited at a later date to add more links and information.


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