Prominent, Married Neurologist Who Was Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Six Women While Treating Chronic Pain Hangs Himself in Riker’s Island Jail

Prominent, Married Neurologist Who Was Found Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Six Women While Treating Chronic Pain Hangs Himself in Riker’s Island Jail

At least one resource I’ve seen so far does mention that this pervert was married, but I had to specifically Google for that information, because a lot of the other mainstream publications did not mention (that I could see, anyhow) if he was married or not.

But at least one resource does say he has a wife, and his wife (barf!) supported him.

This goes to show, that contrary to a lot of conservative propaganda and Christian dating advice: married people are not more loving, mature, or responsible than singles, and, God does not with-hold spouses from people until they “clean themselves up” and behave in a godly, loving fashion. Perverts like this piece of trash mentioned in these news articles still manage to get married.

(Link): Who is Ricardo Cruciani? NYC rapist doc who preyed on his patients found GUILTY


Ricardo Cruciani would prescribe patients high doses so that they stay dependent on him and come to him repeatedly

By Ashish Singh
July 30, 2022

… Cruciani would prescribe them high doses so that they stay dependent on him and come to him repeatedly. According to reports, he was protected by staff and he is also being supported by his wife. “Ricardo Cruciani abused his power as a medical professional and knowingly took advantage of his patients’ pain”, said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.
— end —

Does marriage make society better? No. (Am I arguing that singleness makes society better, or that promiscuity makes society better? No. But then, I’m not the one running around making claims like “being single makes people more mature, godly, and ethical than being married.”)

Does marriage make people more ethical, godly, mature and responsible? No, it does not.

There are, in fact, a lot of secular and religious conservatives who wrongly maintain that marriage is necessary to make a person mature, godly, loving, etc, which is odd, one reason of a few, is that there are many news reports of MARRIED people being arrested for things like raping women or children (I have numerous examples on my blog), and Jesus of Nazareth never married himself.

Being married sure didn’t make this neurologist any more ethical, godly, or mature:

(Link): Prominent neurologist who was found guilty of sexually assaulting six women while treating chronic pain hangs himself in Riker’s Island jail


By Ruth Bashinsky
August 15, 2022

A prominent Manhattan neurologist found guilty of raping six female patients, drugging them and making them watch him masturbate, hanged himself in Riker’s Island early Monday.

Ricardo Cruciani, 67, who was convicted last month by a Manhattan jury on four counts of sexual abuse after six of his former patients testified against him, was found hanging in a common shower area in the Eric M. Taylor Center around 6am with a sheet wrapped around his neck, sources and the Department of Corrections said, according to The New York Post.

Cruciani reportedly stood on a chair and used a piece of cloth to hang himself, sources told The New York Daily News.

…Prosecutors alleged Cruciani was a master manipulator, who preyed on his victims psyche, and gave them heavy doses of painkillers in order to rape and molest them. He also forced them to watch him masturbate.

One of his victims, a disabled woman, testified that Cruciani told them that he would kill himself if anyone came forward.

Prosecutor Shannon Lucey called Cruciani, ‘Evil in a white coat,’ a report said.

Authorities said that Cruciani left a trail of victims at a number of medical facilities in different states.

His charges date back to 2013 when he was a physician at Beth Israel near Union Square, a hospital now known as Mt. Sinai-Union Square.

Throughout his case, his ex-wife named Nora, a pediatrician was at his side.

Cruciani manipulated his patients by using his background in psychiatry to get close to them, asking them intimate questions about their childhood and personal lives.

Cruciani reportedly stroked their hair and complimented his patients before forcibly kissing and groping them and compelling the women to have sex with him.

‘Ricardo Cruciani abused his power as a medical professional and knowingly took advantage of his patients’ pain,’ said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

‘We entrust doctors to respect our bodies and health when we go to them for help, yet Dr. Cruciani utterly violated that duty,’ he continued in the news release.

Cruciani, who had offices in Manhattan, also operated in Hopewell, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he subjected his patients to years of abuse and trauma, according to federal and local authorities.

Before his death, he was facing a federal trial slated for next year.

(Link): Ricardo Cruciani found dead in Rikers Island shower after conviction for sexually assaulting patients – Caution: this news web page has an auto-play video with audio

by Ronn Blitzer
August 15, 2022

Neurologist Ricardo Cruciani died of a suspected suicide at Rikers Island on Monday morning, two weeks after he was found guilty of sexual offenses against six patients.

Cruciani, whose medical practice focused on chronic pain, was found in the shower area of the New York City jail facility with a sheet around his neck, The New York Times reported. Medical personnel responded, but he was pronounced dead approximately an hour later.

Cruciani, who was 68, was convicted by a jury following three days of deliberations. The jury found him guilty of 12 counts, including two counts of rape, seven counts of criminal sexual acts, and one count each of predatory sexual assault, attempted rape, and sex abuse. He was acquitted on two other counts.


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