Dog Gets Monkeypox From Non-Monogamous Homosexual Couple

Dog Gets Monkeypox From Non-Monogamous Homosexual Couple

Just think, if more people practiced self control, chastity, this type of nonsense and depravity would not be an issue.

(Link): [Homosexual] Owners Spread Monkeypox to Their Dog, CDC Warns of Human-to-Animal Transmission

(Link): I’m just gonna (heaven help us) leave this right here as the CDC updates its monkeypox guidance to include dogs

12 days after the men were diagnosed, their 4-year-old male Italian greyhound began presenting symptoms, including “mucocutaneous lesions, abdomen pustules and a thin anal ulceration.”

(Link): Italian greyhound belonging to gay couple in Paris catches monkeypox ‘after sharing bed with its infected owners’

by Tom Brown
August 14, 2022

A dog in Paris has caught monkeypox after sharing the bed with its gay owners who were infected with the disease.

The two Parisians developed symptoms at the beginning of June before they developed the lesions showing a monkeypox infection.

The two men aged 44 and 27, who live together in a non-monogamous relationship, developed sores a week after having sex with other men.

They went to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris with their symptoms after twelve days — but there was one patient the doctors had forgotten about.

Their Italian greyhound had also developed ulcerations and pustules on its stomach.

A PCR test confirmed the canine had also come down with monkeypox, confirming the first case of a domestic pet contracting the virus.

Further genetic sequencing showed the strain of the disease was an identical match with the disease that had infected its owners.

The 44-year-old, a Latino, lived with HIV – according to The Lancet Journal –  was in a ‘non-exclusive’ relationship with his partner, who was HIV negative.

The disease is often spread through prolonged close contact with the monkeypox lesions.

‘I’d suggest the dog probably licked the ill human and also licked its own b*tt,’ said MD Lynora Saxinger, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta on Twitter, adding there were ‘high viral loads in saliva with oral lesions’.

Both men reported a lack of energy, suffering from headaches, and eventually a fever four days after checking into hospital.

‘The men reported co-sleeping with their dog,’ said the journal. ‘They had been careful to prevent their dog from contact with other pets or humans from the onset of their own symptoms.’

Experts urge people to quarantine away from their dog or cat to reduce transmission risk.

…Outside of Africa, 98% of cases are in men who have sex with men. With only a limited global supply of vaccines, authorities are racing to stop monkeypox before it becomes entrenched as a new epidemic.

Health officials in Europe are discussing whether to follow a move by the United States to stretch out scarce monkeypox vaccine supplies, with the World Health Organization calling for more data.

(Link): Dog reportedly contracts monkeypox from owners

August 14, 2022
By Selim Algar

A dog belonging to a gay French couple has contracted monkeypox after sharing their bed — the first confirmed case of human-to-pet infection, according to reports.

The Parisian men, ages 44 and 27, are believed to have contracted the virus after having sexual contact with other guys during their non-monogamous relationship.

The couple said they then noticed that their Italian greyhound had developed pustules on its stomach.

A PCR test on the animal later confirmed that it had the virus.

The Lancet medical journal said the dog shared a bed with the two men and perhaps licked one or both of them before licking itself.

Officials have urged at-risk or infected parties to quarantine away from their pets to reduce the chance of transmission.

The World Health Organization has called the recent monkeypox outbreak a growing and global emergency.

Almost 100 countries have now reported cases of the virus so far this year, including a dozen fatalities.

The vast majority of infections stem from gay sex, officials said.


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