Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday With Naked Waiter: ‘He Had No Underwear On’

Woman Celebrates 106th Birthday With Naked Waiter: ‘He Had No Underwear On’

(Link): Great-grandma asks for ‘hunky man’ for 106th birthday and gets naked butler

August 10, 2022

A cheeky great-gran was thrilled when a butler in the buff arrived to pour her a glass of bubbly to mark her 106th birthday.

Norah Shaw, who has three children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, had joked about wanting a ‘hunky man’ for her big day.

So her daughter decided to make her dreams come true, and got Eddy Betteridge, 32, from the Butlers in the Buff agency to serve her afternoon tea and drinks.

Norah, of Tennyson Wharf Care Home in Lincoln, said: ‘It was spontaneous, to say the least. Eddy was tall, had nice eyes, and was very attractive.

(Link): Woman celebrates 106th birthday with naked waiter: ‘He had no underwear on’

August 10, 2022
By Brittany Miller

Turning 106 was never cheekier.

Great-grandmother Norah Shaw, who resides in Tennyson Wharf Care Home in the UK, quipped to staff she wanted a “hunky man” for her 106th birthday — and her daughter Gill Shaw delivered a nearly naked waiter for her party.

“I was very shocked when he turned around, because he had no underwear on. It was quite amusing,” she told PA Real Life.

“I had to keep checking, so I asked him to get some sandwiches.”

Eddy Betteridge, a 32-year-old performer from the Butlers in the Buff agency, sported only an apron and bow tie as he served sandwiches, scones and bubbly. Well-wishers from around the UK sent Shaw 200 birthday cards.

Shaw admitted to PA Real Life that was the “first time she had ever seen a butler in the buff.”

“Eddy was tall, had nice eyes and was very attractive. He had no hair on his chest at all, which impressed me. I had never seen anything like it,” she said.

“It’s been a grown-up birthday. It’s been a very special birthday. It’s not every day you turn 21 — and a little bit.” Her daughter, Gill, said she was “bright, clever and independent.”

Shaw was born Aug. 6, 1916 in Manchester and got her first job when she turned 15. She married Harry Shaw in 1939, and they had three children together. She also has seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

After Harry died, Gill said her mother didn’t remarry because “she said she didn’t want to wash anyone else’s socks!”

Shaw, who lived on her own until she was 105, and her daughter have marked her birthdays with fun outings and made sure they arrived in style — one time in a stretch limo, another in a yellow Rolls-Royce.

Her daughter says Shaw loves knitting and being around people. “And even today, she’s a bit fun and flirty,” Gill told PA Real Life. “She’s a little bit cheeky, she’s got a twinkle in her eye and she’s always game for a laugh.”


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