Black Guys Attack Homosexual Couple for Being Homosexual – Trouble in Intersectional Clown World

Black Guys Attack Homosexual Couple for Being Homosexual – Trouble in Intersectional Clown World

The article (linked to below) has photos of the assailants. As it turns out, a couple of black guys assaulted a homosexual couple for being homosexual.

The two men mentioned in the headline are black men – the news page has photos of the guys on it.

Liberals, progressives, and Democrats, put everyone in a hierarchy of victimhood (“intersectionalism”). Hard to say how the typical woke idiot would interpret this story – would they side with the assaulted homosexual couple or would they excuse the actions of the black assailants?

(In the past, the woke have actually told white women that if they’re raped by a “person of color” that they should not contact the police to report the rape. I kid you not. That is how vile, sexist, immoral, demonic, and evil the woke and their beliefs are.)

While I am no supporter of progressives trying to harass or pressure Christian bakers into baking cakes for homosexual weddings, I sure don’t support black guys attacking homosexual couples. That’s not okay, either.

(Link): DC police searching for 2 men accused of attacking gay couple

Witness to DC attack said she thought suspects were going to kill victims

By Pilar Arias | Fox News
August 10, 2022

A gay couple says they were accused of having monkeypox and were attacked in Washington, D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood Sunday evening. The couple adds that the attack took place due to their sexual orientation.

Washington D.C. police confirmed they are investigating the weekend incident as a possible hate crime and released pictures of two people of interest.

“I feel like since the attack I’ve been in kind of this weird state of constant fight or flight, like I can’t really feel at ease, and it seems kind of surreal, I don’t know,” one of the two victims who asked to go by “Robert” for safety reasons told FOX 5 DC over the phone Tuesday.

Robert shared two photos, one showing his partner’s busted lip and another showing a bloody shirt from the incident.

“The suspects made derogatory comments towards the victims based on their sexual orientation,” a police news release said. The suspects allegedly took off running after the attack.

“The witness says the two victims were minding their own business, walking across the street in the opposite direction when the homophobic name-calling began,” FOX 5 DC reports.

The victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

… Police are asking anyone with knowledge of this incident to call police at 202-727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s text tip line at 50411.  …



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