It’s OK to Say ‘Woman’ Again by Kaylee McGhee White – Re: AP Stylebook

It’s OK to Say ‘Woman’ Again by Kaylee McGhee White – Re: AP Stylebook

(Link): The AP stylebook is out here butchering the English language again in the name of wokeness

(Link): It’s OK to say ‘woman’ again

August 18, 2022

… The Associated Press Stylebook, widely used by most media outlets in the country, updated its guidance this week to say it is “acceptable” to use the phrases “pregnant women” or “women seeking abortions.”

Considering women are the only people in the world capable of conceiving and bearing children and are thus the only people in the world who would be seeking abortions for themselves, it’s a wonder this language was considered unacceptable in the first place.

….On the issue of abortion, specifically, gender ideologues have been pushing the media to stop using sex-based language altogether. Instead of “women,” articles should say “pregnant people” or “people with a capacity for pregnancy,” they claim.

This “inclusive” language makes sure that people who don’t identify as women (but are women nonetheless) aren’t left out of the debate.

Meanwhile, the people who are left out are … the women, who can’t even be identified in this gender-inclusive world.

If that seems sexist, it’s because it is. Yet the AP Stylebook endorsed this new language last month, only to soften its position this week. …


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