Pregnant Wife, 21, Left Fighting for Life with Full Body Burns After Enraged Husband Set Fire to Her ‘Because She Refused to Have an Abortion’

Pregnant Wife, 21, Left Fighting for Life with Full Body Burns After Enraged Husband Set Fire to Her ‘Because She Refused to Have an Abortion’

So much for marriage and parenthood making society or individuals better, more loving, responsible, and ethical! (As per the usual secular or religious conservative take on the matter.)

(Link): Pregnant wife, 21, left fighting for life with full body burns after enraged husband set fire to her ‘because she refused to have an abortion’

Aug 18, 2022
by Walter Finch

A five-month pregnant Lebanese woman with full body burns is fighting a ‘bleak’ battle for survival after her husband set fire to her because she refused to have an abortion.

Hana Mohammed Khodor, 21, was rushed to a hospital in Tripoli in critical condition after her husband, identified as AA, set her ablaze with a gas canister.

A doctor said that they had to operate to remove the fetus after it died and the mother’s chances of survival are ‘very bleak.’

The horrific attack is alleged to have started with AA viciously beating his young pregnant wife when she told him she wanted to keep their baby, due to be born in December.

The argument stemmed from the financial burden that the child would put on the family, with the couple reportedly coming from poor upbringings in the north of the country.

A doctor from Al-Salam Hospital told the Arab News that Khodor was admitted on August 6 ‘suffering of 100 percent body burns.’

The doctor said: ‘As we speak, she is battling for her life. She is between life and death in the intensive care unit.

‘Hana was five months pregnant when the incident happened. The baby died and we had to operate on her to remove the fetus. Her chances of survival are very bleak.’

She is reported to have third-degree all over her body and barely holding on through life support.

Her doctors have kindly agreed to waive their medical fees that Khodor’s family would have to pay, yet the impoverished Khodor family are still facing daily costs of $400, excluding treatments, operations and reconstructive surgeries.

According to Al-Salam Hospital’s medical report, if she survives, she will need three months of further treatment.

…Lebanese Internal Security Forces arrested the husband, who had been planning to flee the country, Haddad said.

An aunt told local television that the husband tried to violently beat Khodor into having the abortion, but when he could not convince her he took her home and set her on fire.

The father pleaded for donations from the public to contribute towards the treatment necessary to save his daughter’s life.


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