Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

This is very sad. I feel so bad for his wife, especially if she’s old school like me, takes marriage seriously, and believes the guy you marry should be stand-up, have good morals, etc. Can you imagine you thought you had married “Mr. Right,” only for him to betray you and for him to turn out to be a pervert?

What is the point in getting married, if the guy you marry ends up being willing to cheat on you on your honeymoon?

I know the guy cheating would be bad at any point in the marriage, but there seems something especially under-handed and cruel about having an affair on one’s honeymoon.

News stories like this betray older, and even some contemporary, conservative propaganda about marriage – such as, marriage will make a person more loving, ethical, mature and godly; a person has to reach some state of perfection or godliness before God will allow a person to marry.

Marriage certainly did not make the man in this news story any more loving or moral, and God sure was not with-holding marriage from this scum bucket.

I think news stories like this go to show un-seriously most people take sex, as though sex is nothing. Some people will just put out whenever, with whomever. Very sad.

(Link): Florida man arrested for calling sex worker on his honeymoon 

by I. Vincent
August 27, 2022

A Florida man was arrested on his honeymoon after he answered an ad for a prostitute, according to a local report.

Paul Turovsky, 34, left his new bride sleeping in their hotel room in Tampa and went out to meet a prostitute he had connected with online, authorities said.

When the self-employed businessman arrived at the Hyatt Hotel, he was placed in handcuffs, caught up in a sting operation by local police to crackdown on sex trafficking.

(Link): Sheriff: Man on honeymoon among 176 arrested in prostitution sting

August 25, 2022

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced that its newly formed Human Trafficking Squad cut a couple’s honeymoon short after the husband was arrested in a prostitution bust.

… “Sometimes the demand was so overwhelming that we had to go purchase a second, sometimes a third hotel room, because they would all show up at once,” Chronister told WFLA, noting the “disturbing” number of men arrested.

(Link): Florida Man Friday: Caught In a Prostitution Sting on His Honeymoon (paywall)

(Link):  Man on Honeymoon Busted in Prostitution Sting

by A. Morris
August 25, 2022

A couple’s honeymoon was cut short this summer after the husband left his new wife to solicit a prostitute, authorities in Florida said.

The suspect, a 34-year-old male, was among the 176 people arrested for alleged sex crimes following a monthslong prostitution sting in Hillsborough County, according to Sheriff Chad Chronister.

During his honeymoon, the man answered an ad from an undercover detective posing as a prostitute, Chronister said Thursday at a news conference.

“He got married. He got married and he was on his honeymoon,” Sheriff Chronister said. “His new bride falls asleep, and he decides he’s going to respond to an ad that one of our [undercover officers] had placed to go have sex that evening. So he leaves, and comes to the hotel and wishes to purchase sex.”

Chronister said the man was arrested “immediately.”

“I know we all probably have questions about how long this marriage lasted, but I think the only question here, with it ending so quickly, as a wedding guest — was it too late to get the gifts that they gave returned back to them?” Chronister said.

The investigation, which netted 176 arrests in total, was launched in April by deputies within the Human Trafficking Squad of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. The squad focused its investigation on men soliciting adult prostitutes and also those looking for sex with underage victims. The sheriff’s office said most of the sting suspects were facing charges related to solicitation of prostitution.

Among the 176 arrested, the sheriff’s office said it had arrested ten “Johns” who had inappropriate conversations or shared inappropriate pictures and videos with undercover detectives who they thought were minors.
— end excerpts —

Very sad. Nobody respects love, sex, or marriage any more.

I’m not anti-marriage and am a conservative, but too many other conservatives out there keep making more out of marriage than they should, and they aggrandize marriage far more than the Bible does, so they are in error to promote it as they do.


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