Mom FaceTimed Ex to Show How She’d Slit His Kids’ Throats: Cops

Mom FaceTimed Ex to Show How She’d Slit His Kids’ Throats: Cops

Contrary to many secular and religious marriage idolaters and nuclear family idolaters, marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family don’t improve society or make a person more godly, ethical, loving, or responsible.

Motherhood did not make this woman more loving, godly, mature, or responsible.

(Link): Louisiana mom FaceTimed her ex to show how she’d slit his kids’ throats: cops

by Lee Brown
August 10, 2022

A disturbed Louisiana mom repeatedly video called her ex after slitting their two young kids’ throats — showing him his daughter “gasping for air” before she died, according to harrowing court documents of the “unspeakable” crime.

Jenee Pedesclaux, 31, first called her ex, Jermaine Roberts, to tell him she’d damaged his vehicle amid their bitter child-custody battle — and that she planned to kill herself and their kids rather than go to jail, according to court documents obtained by

She then FaceTimed him three times to show how she’d stabbed their 2-year-old son, Jay’Ceon, and daughter, Paris, 4, the report said.

In the last video call, she showed him how she had slit both kids’ throats — with their daughter “gasping for air” on the bed before later being pronounced dead in a local New Orleans hospital, the outlet said.

Covered in blood, Pedesclaux at some point went on Facebook Live to blame her ex for the bloodbath.

“My children is dead! I’m done!” she howled in the distressing live video, although her young son survived.

“I’m done with life, and it’s all Jermaine’s fault! … I’m killing myself, I’m done!” she sobbed.

The kids’ dad — who called cops after the first threatening call — raced over to the house, but his ex had locked him out, reported.

“We gone. It’s over with,” Pedesclaux allegedly told him.

The dad eventually managed to force his way in after smashing a window, finding his kids on a blood-soaked bed, the girl foaming at the mouth and her younger brother face down in blood, court documents said.

Pedesclaux allegedly bit Roberts and threatened him with a knife before he took the children to University Medical Center, where they underwent emergency surgery.

Despite multiple life-saving procedures, Paris was soon pronounced dead due to hemorrhagic shock due to her injuries, which included a cut on her neck, down to her spine, along with cuts to the chest and shoulders.

Little Jay’Ceon remained intubated in critical condition as of Monday, awaiting another surgery to determine whether his trachea is healing correctly, the court docs said.

Their mom had turned the knife on herself, but only suffered superficial cuts to her collar bone area, the report said. She was treated at a hospital before being booked into jail Monday night.

Pedesclaux faces charges of second-degree murder, attempted murder, and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile, records show. She is due in court Thursday.

The deadly attack came after a long-running child-custody battle between the pair, with the dad fighting for joint custody, arguing that his ex was “not stable or providing a healthy environment for the kids,” the outlet reported.

…Pedesclaux also tested positive in March for benzodiazepine, cocaine and cannabinoids during a drug screening at drug court, the outlet said.

However, Pedesclaux’s family blamed mental health for the “unspeakable tragedy.”


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