A Thing Called “Singleism” (Podcast Episode) – Societal Discrimination Against Single Adults

A Thing Called “Singleism” (Podcast Episode) – Societal Discrimination Against Single Adults

I have not listened to this podcast myself. Apparently, the part about being single is the second or so topic discussed in the podcast.

I’m a conservative, not a progressive or a Democrat. If the first part of this program discusses Democrats in a glowing manner, my apologies. I assume you can move the play head past the nauseating pro-liberal, pro-progressive commentary, if any exists.

(Link): A Thing Called “Singleism” (Podcast Episode)

Description on the page:

An odd late-August election date in New York gave Democrats new hope for the midterms thanks to surging voter energy. Is that the whole story?

Then, the social stigma against staying single past “marrying age” still exists and some call it Singleism. What does the data show?

Finally we end the show with a perfect end-of-summer segment on ice cream flavors around the world.

… Next, we welcome author and U.C. Santa Barbara lecturer Bella DePaulo (@belladepaulo) who coined the term “Singleism” more than a decade ago. Now it’s in the dictionary. She explains how society and the law discriminate against single people — single women especially — and why some studies about how staying single is hazardous to your health are bunk.

See Also:

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Many examples of singlism are embedded in laws, policies, and practices


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