Preacher Matt Chandler To Take Leave of Absence Following Inappropriate Online Behavior

Preacher Matt Chandler To Take Leave of Absence Following Inappropriate Online Behavior

This post has been edited since publication to add additional content.

Chandler is the same guy who tried to shame and pressure a woman into staying married to her perverted, pedophile husband, he sort of mocked Christians with doubts by dismissing their position as being a sexy trend, and he’s given some very questionable advice to Christian single adults over the age of 30 who’d like to be married but who’ve not found Mr. or Ms. Right yet, and who are considering marrying outside the faith.

A lot of online chatter I’ve seen about this indicates many people do believe that there is something “sexual” about Chandler’s banter with a married woman (that’s right, both Chandler and the woman he was direct messaging are both married to other people), despite the church’s statement to the contrary.

Take note that both persons in this situation are MARRIED – very often in secular and Christian culture, single adults (especially women) are regarded as threats to married people, who are actively seeking to sleep with married persons. Quite often, it’s the opposite: married adults seek out affairs with singles or with other married people.

Married Christians need to maybe impose some kind of “Billy Graham Rule” of married people shouldn’t be alone with other married people.

This incident just goes to show yet again that men lack good judgement, lack self control, and cannot be trusted in leadership positions in churches; churches should get rid of the “man only” rule and put women in charge going forward. 😘

Contrary to the usual conservative rhetoric: marriage does not make a person more godly, mature, ethical, or loving than being single. Let this be example one thousand on my blog so far!

Marriage apparently did not prevent Chandler from making a questionable action towards another married person (this is assuming there was something sexual or otherwise “off” with his texts to the woman).

From the reports, things are so vague, it’s hard to tell exactly what happened.

The Billy Graham Rule is stupid, so if this ends up being a harmless case of a married church guy making small talk with a married lady, and he had no ulterior motives, I don’t have a problem with that, except for the church’s over-reaction to this situation.

That is to say, unlike 99% of married (usually Christian) people out there, I don’t think platonic friendship between a married person and another married person (or a married person and a single person) is impossible or inappropriate.

So, if this ends up being an over-reaction to a platonic, private chit chat between two adults (who happen to be married), I will eye roll so hard my eyeballs will fall out of my head.

But it’s hard to say at this point exactly what is going on.

(Link): Matt Chandler To Take Leave of Absence Following Inappropriate Online Behavior


by Dale Chamberlin
August 2022

On Sunday (August 28), The Village Church (TVC) announced that Matt Chandler would be taking a leave of absence from preaching and teaching following an inappropriate direct messaging relationship with a woman who is not his wife.

While not romantic or sexual, Chandler described the messaging relationship as being characterized by “familiarity” and “coarse and foolish joking.”

Chandler further described his online behavior as “unguarded and unwise,” and his leave of absence is both “disciplinary and developmental.” He further expressed his agreement with and submission to the elder board’s decision, which came after an independent, third-party investigation.

The announcement was introduced by fellow TVC pastor Josh Patterson.

[Chandler took the stage at his church, where he said the following]

“Several months ago, a woman…met me out here in the lobby, and she had some concerns about how I was using the DM function on Instagram to message with one of her friends,” Chandler said.
“At the time when she brought it up, I saw no issue with it. My wife knew about it. This woman’s husband knew about it. And so I kind of pushed against that not being okay. She said some things in that conversation, though, that were really disorienting for me.”

…“The accusations brought up some concerns that although my DMing with this woman was not romantic, nor was it ever sexual, it was unguarded and it was unwise,” Chandler said. “And the way that played itself out was in a kind of frequency and familiarity that is not wise for someone in my position.”

Chandler further explained, “The volume of exchanges and the familiarity, which played itself out in kind of coarse and foolish joking, is just not okay for someone who has been put in the position that God has placed me in.”

“And so the elders worked through it and decided—and I think they’re right—that my inability to see this for what it was revealed something not right, something unhealthy, in me,” Chandler said.

“So they have decided, and I agree, that I should take a leave of absence from preaching and teaching,” Chandler continued, indicating that the length of his absence had not yet been determined. “We’re going to work it out together, so there’s not like a set time on that.”

… After praying for the congregation, Chandler received an ovation. Patterson came back to the center of the stage and expressed that he wanted to “interpret” the applause, saying, “I hear that as, ‘We love you, and we’re with you,’; not as, ‘We condone what has happened.’” His interpretation received another applause.

…The investigation revealed that Chandler had violated TVC’s social media policies. Further, in this instance, he failed to be above reproach, as he “did not use language appropriate for a pastor, and he did not model a behavior we expect a leader of our church to have.”
—- end excerpts —-

I’m not exactly a non-Christian, but I stepped away from the faith years ago, and I don’t regret it.

The more time goes by and I get older and accumulate life experience, I’ve seen what a joke this all is.

Chandler and guys like him are in no place to tell me how to live my life, they’re in no position to lead me, or instruct me. They don’t necessarily know the Bible or God any better than I do.

It will be interesting if any more or any new information about this is released going forward.

Let me remind you again that this article says this is two MARRIED people supposedly sending each other morally dubious or inappropriate text messages (or direct messages) to each other – at least this seems to be suggested – it’s difficult to tell at this stage.

This is NOT a case where some harlot, over-sexed, floozy single woman is hitting on a poor, poor, hapless married man.

Edit. Since I published this, more news outlets are picking up on this story and running with it.

(Link): Popular evangelical pastor abruptly put on leave of absence, citing ‘unwise’ online messages


Dallas pastor Matt Chandler ‘did not use language appropriate for a pastor’ in messages, The Village church said

August 30, 2022
By Anders Hagstrom | Fox News

The pastor of a Texas church was placed on a leave of absence on Sunday, telling his congregation that he had messaged a woman who was not his wife in a way that was “unguarded and unwise.”

Matt Chandler, the head pastor of Village Church in Dallas, stated that the messages were not sexual or romantic, but the church’s elders decided Chandler “did not use language appropriate for a pastor, and he did not model a behavior that we expect from him,” a church statement said. Chandler’s leave of absence comes as the larger Southern Baptist community has struggled to deal with sexual misconduct allegations.

Chandler, 48, says the incident began when a woman approached him in the church’s lobby to confront him about messages he’d sent to a friend of hers on Instagram.

While Chandler said the messages took place with full knowledge of both his and the woman’s spouses, the church hired an outside law firm to audit Chandler’s online activity.

… Village Church hired the Castañeda and Heidelman law firm to conduct the investigation. The church has declined to release a copy of the firm’s report to the congregation, stating that the woman asked to maintain her privacy.


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