30 People Who Got Married To The Popular Kids In School Reveal What They Are Like Now

30 People Who Got Married To The Popular Kids In School Reveal What They Are Like Now

(Link): 30 People Who Got Married To The Popular Kids In School Reveal What They Are Like Now


Example 4.

I hate to be the one that bursts everyone’s bubble, but my husband was the good-looking athletic guy with a great sense of humor that all of the girls adored. I was the petite blue-eyed blonde cheerleader that he chased for all four years in high school.

We ended up getting together after high school graduation and were engaged 6 months later.

I should have kept running from him like I did in school.

He’s now an addict who is verbally and emotionally abusive.

He’s a compulsive liar and he’s stolen prescription medication from me to get high.

He’s very jealous and has accused me of having an affair with every male I’ve ever worked with, all without any merit whatsoever. It got so bad at one point that he told me I needed to quit my job and stay home with my son.

Then he criticized me for not having a job. I teach high school English, and he is jealous of my male students because he claims he “sees the way they watch me and look at me.”

He’s made my life hell. He criticizes and ridicules me for being a diabetic, saying he never intended to marry a cripple, which is hardly the case.

I’m happy to say that he’ll be getting served with divorce papers very soon.

God help the woman who takes my place because he can’t do anything for himself. He’s never paid a bill, made his own doctor appointments, etc. He’s exhausting. He’s also that guy who likes to tell our son what a stud he was in school and how he eventually got the girl he wanted.

While dating, he portrayed himself to be the man he thought I would see as husband material; however, I quickly saw it was all an act shortly after we married.

If I had it to do over, I would have left the country to avoid him. The only good thing to come out of our marriage is my son.

I’m sorry that my story was the nightmare in the bunch. I’m just keeping it real.

Example 5

He was a football player and hung out with the jock crowd, and I was in the drum line. He kept his nerdy side under wraps in high school so as not to be bullied, and it’s now out in the open. He ended up becoming a software developer.

We still hole up and have Lord of the Rings weekends and watch the trilogy or have gaming nights. We’ve been married eight years. He helped me follow my dreams to become a vet and supported me through going back to school. I would 10/10 marry the hot jock with a sensitive, geeky side all over again.

Example 6

My parents were both the ‘coolest’ kids in school. Prom queen and prom king, and my dad was football captain.

When I was a kid, my mom would pull out their high school yearbook and show me. I would be so upset because I thought that I wouldn’t be as cool or popular as they were when I was in school. But they didn’t really do anything, so I grew up poor in a trailer park.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I realized they were f*cking losers living in the past.

My mom still talks about how cool my dad was in high school, and she’s almost 60. It f*cking sucks.

Example 9.

I was the prom King, I was a starting athlete in many team sports. I was also ironically barely connected socially to my class and spent a lot of time gaming and eating.

I am divorced, fat and play competitive M:TG. My ex probably doesn’t give a sh*t about me being the prom King.

Example 26

My dad was crazy popular. Prom king, salutatorian, running back, serious ladies man. He met my mom in a nursing class in college which he took to meet girls (lecture course and he was the only guy in a sea of women- this was the 70s)

They married, he became a car sales man, developed a terrible drug habit and died of a heart attack at 52.

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