Sex Dolls, Robots, and Woman Hating – a Conversation with Author Caitlin Roper (video and other, related material – similar to what Christian Gender Complementarians Teach About Women and Sex)

Sex Dolls, Robots, and Woman Hating – a Conversation with Author Caitlin Roper (video and other, related material – similar to what Christian Gender Complementarians Teach About Women and Sex)

The interview (in the video below) also discusses “pedophile activists” and pedophiles who want “sex dolls” that look like little girls.

There is something terribly, horribly wrong going on with men … and women and feminism are not to blame. And patriarchy and enforced traditional gender roles is not the solution, either (I say this as a conservative).

A lot of what Roper mentions about sex in some of the pieces below (especially this one on ABC) sounds very much like the usual attitude by many complementarian Christian men, such as Doug Wilson
– a lot of complementarian and pro-patriarchal “Christian” men –
continue to falsely teach in their books, blogs, sermons, videos, and pod casts that all men have a need for sex, men are incapable of sexual self control (in distinct contradiction to Galatians 5:22-23, 2 Timothy 1:7, etc), that women are obligated to have sex with men whenever men want sex (especially married women).

On Barnes and Noble:

(Link):  Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance

(Link): Pleasure machines: What sex robots tell us about men and sex


by Caitlin Roper
December 2017

… The growing popularity of sex robots raises many ethical issues, but it also forces us to ask questions about the very nature of sex.

What is sex? What is it for? Is it merely the “acquisition of pleasure” as Robert Jensen put it, a mechanism for orgasm, or is it something one experiences with another person?

While it’s true that sex does not necessarily involve intimacy or meaningful connection, and it’s certainly not always mutually beneficial – mutuality is a key factor. Sexual relations without mutuality might be more appropriately described as sexual exploitation.

… Some men express their preferences for sex robots over relationships, which require catering to someone else’s needs and “needless drama.” Others, despite being married or in committed relationships, prefer their dolls to their living female partners, who unlike dolls are complex human beings with their own interests, feelings and lives.

Dolls, on the other hand, have no expectation of an equal or mutually beneficial partnership, have no needs to be met and no free will to be exercised.

It is precisely the dolls’ complete lack of autonomy that is the key attraction for many men. “You ALWAYS have their full attention,” said one. “It’s just nice to know that there is someone home waiting on me without the bitching … She can’t talk [but] at least she looks good sitting there watching TV.”

One owner described the bliss of gaming for hours with his devoted sex doll by his side, something his ex-wife “would only do … for a few mins, then find things to be upset about.”

…But what is it female bodied sex robots are providing? What is the appeal?

Rather than simply “better” sex, sex dolls provide men with the means for more selfish sex – sex that is totally one-sided. It is sex predicated on men’s absolute sexual freedom to dominate and use a woman without limitations.

There is no pressure to perform well, no need to reciprocate, no need to consider the other party’s feelings, enjoyment, discomfort, humiliation or pain.

It is sex with a compliant woman that is all about the user’s sexual fantasies – with a woman who never refuses, who can be used over and over again.

Sex robots endorse the view that sex is something men do to women, something they get – or even take – from women. The popularisation of sex robots provides insight into not only male sexuality, but how men perceive female sexuality – namely, as sexual subordination.

Arguments in defence of sex robots include the suggestion that men who might otherwise rape and abuse women and children will now have an outlet through which to vent their aggression. Better a robot than a real woman! However, there is no evidence that men will rape less women if they can rape robots, or that using a sex doll and abusing real life women are mutually exclusive behaviours. Rather than protecting women from men’s violence, the opposite is a more likely outcome. This growing acceptance of sex robots is not the solution to men’s abuse of women, but merely an extension of it.

The defence of sex robots as an outlet for men is based on the notion that men require sexual access to women’s bodies – that male violence is inevitable and that men have to abuse someone. The same argument has long been invoked as a justification for the global sex trade. Prostitution survivor Rachel Moran strongly rejects the view that there is a need for an underclass of women to “act as human shields” and “absorb male sexual aggression” so as to protect other more “worthy” women.

The similarities between the growing trend for sex robots and the global sex trade do not end there. Both are founded on the premise that men require sex, and women must be made available to provide it. That women primarily exist for men’s gratification. Both are devoid of any authentic intimacy.

(Link): Author reveals shocking child sex abuse doll trade secrets


The illegal trade of sex dolls and robots modelled on the bodies of women and young girls for men’s sexual use has long been criticised as exploitative and dangerous.

But activist and author Caitlin Roper has uncovered the extent of the sinister undertones of these objects — and her findings are nothing short of shocking.

Ms Roper has written a book titled Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance in which she takes a deep dive into the underworld.

While such dolls and robots were marketed as companions for men to have their “perfect girlfriend” that could be stored away after use — and advocates claim they have many benefits for some men — Ms Roper said her research showed otherwise.

Ms Roper told NCA NewsWire some sex dolls were modelled on the bodies of children, toddlers and even babies.

“Essentially, they are replica girls for paedophiles to enact their fantasies of raping and sexually abusing a little girl,” she said.

…But Ms Roper said some child sex abuse doll sellers invited buyers to send a photo of the girl they wanted their doll to look like.

“Essentially, this means a buyer can send a photo of an actual child and a doll will be created in her likeness,” she said.

During her research, Ms Roper documented discussions on paedophile forums where men expressed their desire for sex dolls or robots modelled on specific girls whose pictures had been posted on social media.

“Dolls made in the likeness of actual girls, based on photos shared on social media, have already been sold on major online platforms like Amazon and Etsy,” she said.


Ms Roper said some doll owners even created their own virtual child sex abuse material, uploading videos of themselves using their dolls.

“One popular video featured a man having sex with a child sex abuse doll modelled on an infant,” she said.

Other forum members then made requests for him to perform specific sex acts on the doll.

“Since documenting this, this particular forum has become password protected, with access limited to those who have purchased a child sex abuse doll or who actively upload virtual child sex abuse material,” she said.

(Link): No, sex dolls cannot ‘cure’ loneliness: Caitlin Roper on Ending Sexploitation podcast

Campaigns Manager Caitlin Roper sat down with Haley McNamara from National Center on Sexual Exploitation to talk about her research on sex dolls and robots for the Ending Sexploitation podcast.

Caitlin responded to some of the more common arguments made in support of sex doll development – that sex dolls could be the solution to loneliness…or that child sex abuse dolls could prevent child sexual abuse.

Haley and Caitlin discussed the ways in which sex dolls and robots modelled on the bodies of women contribute to the sexual objectification of women, and what can be done to challenge their development.

(Link – video on You Tube, 52 minutes long):
Sex Dolls, Robots, and Woman Hating a Conversation with Author Caitlin Roper (video)


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