Are Single Women Portrayed as Aging Faster Than Married Women? by B. DePaulo

Are Single Women Portrayed as Aging Faster Than Married Women? by B. DePaulo

(Link): Are Single Women Portrayed as Aging Faster Than Married Women? by B. DePaulo


Kinneret Lahad explains what’s behind some exasperating media representations of single women

… A few years ago, when Kinneret Lahad, a gender studies professor at Tel Aviv University, had just published her book, A table for one: A critical reading of singlehood, gender, and time, I asked if she would answer a few questions about it. Happily, she agreed.

… 1. Bella: What are some of the key ways that notions of time and timing are relevant to the lives of single women?

Kinneret Lahad: There are so many. Each chapter covers different concepts and formulations of time. I was particularly intrigued by the way in which normative prescriptions of temporal orders are constituted.

Indeed, many single women are portrayed as pressured by their ticking biological clock, or as surrounded by friends and family members urging them to get married — and the sooner the better.

Single women are often asked if they are “still single,” or “Why they are still single?” …

…[Bella DePaulo, discussing one of her favorite parts of Lahad’s book, which contains quotes by other single women]
Below is one of my favorite examples, in which “Louise” charts the life-course trajectory of single women:

Ages 18–23: Too young to be looking for something serious

Ages 23–27: She is just too successful.

Ages 27–29: She is too picky, she will end up alone.

Ages 29–32: She is just too lazy. “Would it kill her to go out on the blind date her father set up? So what if he doesn’t know the guy, he knows his parents. It is a good family.”

Ages 32–35: She has given up. What a pity. She used to be so beautiful.

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