Single Woman Who Plans Ahead Refuses to Change Airplane Seats So that Couples and Families Can Sit Together

Single Woman Who Plans Ahead Refuses to Change Airplane Seats So that Couples and Families Can Sit Together

I don’t blame her.

By the way. Marriage and parenthood do not make people more responsible, godly, loving, or ethical. Some married people are very entitled.

(Link): I absolutely REFUSE to switch my airline seat to help families and couples sit together – even when they start yelling, says single traveler JACI STEPHEN in a hilarious confession. So, do YOU sympathize with her?

August 25, 2022
By Jaci Stephen

Every summer, it happens: a family who hasn’t had the nous to book seats together on a plane asks a single passenger to move, in order to accommodate them.

This week, it’s Irish model and mother-of-three Vogue Williams, who publicly berated a fellow passenger for not wishing to give up his aisle seat and move to the window so that she could sit with her family. She was flying to London from Gibraltar, for goodness sake.

It’s a three-hour flight. Read a magazine. Order Duty Free. It’s not his fault that you’re so disorganized you can’t read a plane seat map.

I travel a lot. I have very specific seats I always choose (ask Virgin Atlantic; if I can’t get 8A, I’ll change planes). I like an aisle seat when traveling domestically because I need to use the rest room a lot.

I like to be at the front because I don’t like crowds and invariably need to disembark quickly. I spend weeks, sometimes months, making sure I have my favorite seat.

But I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been singled out as a single woman on her own and asked to change my seat. I suspect it’s because people think we’re going to be the softest touch. Wrong.

I always refuse (apart from once, but more of that later).

On one flight awhile back, I was in one of two front row seats, and the woman behind asked if I would swap so she could sit next to her boyfriend. I refused and was met with incredulity (less so from him, who seemed quite glad of the three-hour respite).

…After I had stored my hand luggage and settled down with my iPad to read a book, a man came up and asked me if I would move so that his family – a wife and two kids – could sit in a row.

The seats are very far apart, so it was hardly as if they’d be on a Disney ride together and, after looking at the seat he was indicating behind me, I saw that it faced backwards, so I explained that I didn’t want to face that direction.

He then asked if they could find me another seat on the plane. I said no. Not only is it my right to refuse, I don’t like being near a lot of people in these Covid times, and 2A, facing the window, is as far away from other people, with my back to them, as it is possible to get (apart from 1A, but that faces backwards. Just so you know!).

He was furious and started shouting at me, wishing me ill for the future if this were ever to happen to me, and then stormed off to the other side of the plane to try to persuade others to move.

Clearly someone else suggested that they ask me because I heard him yell: ‘She refuses to move.’

After a lot more hassle for everyone involved, he was back on my side. I tried to explain why I wouldn’t move and that it took me days to book the seat I wanted.

‘We’re not talking to you!’ he shouted.

‘Well,’ I said: ‘You were talking to me and I’m responding.’

By now, two crew members were involved as the man stormed around the plane, trying to re-shuffle everyone. Finally, a couple with window seats agreed to move – to the middle, facing backwards! – in order to satisfy the his demands.

…I spent eight hours in fear, even though the purser had assured me that the man had apologized. Mr. Angry claimed he lost it because of the way I spoke to his wife. For clarity: I’d said six words to her, very politely: ‘I don’t like facing that direction.’ There was also no apology to me from him.

…Here’s the simple fact: if you want to travel as a family or in a group, book your seats together beforehand. Your incompetency in failing to do so is no one else’s responsibility and you should certainly not be making others feel uncomfortable when they want to stick to their probably well organized plans.

October 2022

(Link): ‘I’m not the villain’: TikTok divided over woman who refused to swap plane seats for family 

Oct 26, 2022

The controversy over plane etiquette continues to rage, with a woman sparking a heated debate after refusing to move seats.

A fiery TikTok from the passenger defending her decision to stay put despite a family’s pleas ignited a furious conversation about accommodating fellow air travelers — particularly those with kids.

Mom of two Maresa Friedman uploaded the video defending her decision, saying she’s not a villain for not swapping her seat on a Delta flight so a family could sit in the same row.

In a series of clips, Friedman explained the family of three had asked that she move from her seat — which she had chosen specifically — so they could sit together.

“I’m sorry moms and families but as a fellow mom I’m not a villain for not giving up my seat,” she captioned the clip, which has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

As the seats in first class offered two on each side of the aisle, the family wanted Friedman to move so they could sit together in the seat next to each other as well as occupy the seat closed to the isle in the middle

But she refused, instead suggesting that the family move into a different section of the plane that was in a different formation.

This reportedly only infuriated the family further.

“[After suggesting they move sections] I just got ‘the look,’” the frustrated flyer revealed.

“The flight attendant looked at me and was like, ‘That was a good suggestion,’ but it didn’t stop this mom from [giving me] side eye,” she recalled. “I was getting looked at, she was talking about me.”

Friedman responded to those telling her she should have moved, saying as a mother herself, she always prepares when flying with children.


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