Florida Couple Is Arrested After Six Year Old Son Found Unconscious With Head in Motel Toilet Bowl As Their Younger Kids with Burns, Scars, and Black Eyes are Rescued

Florida Couple Is Arrested After Six Year Old Son Found Unconscious With Head in Motel Toilet Bowl As Their Younger Kids with Burns, Scars, and Black Eyes are Rescued

The Nuclear Family does not necessarily make a society better, in that it does not, contrary to excessive marriage and parenthood promoters (such as Brad Wilcox, Al Mohler, and other conservatives or conservative think tanks and groups that promote the nuclear family) instantly instill ethics, godliness, good morals, or compassion in a person.

(As a matter of fact, plenty of people who marry and have children together are either alcoholics, drug addicts, or have some kind of treatment-impervious personality disorder such as narcissism,
which makes them too selfish to meet the needs of their children, or else, they abuse their own children.
Raising a kid does not instantly or automatically heal a person of alcoholism, depression, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or whatever they are afflicted with.)

(Link): Florida couple, 22 and 25, are arrested after son, 6, was found unconscious with his head down a motel TOILET BOWL as five younger kids with burns, scars and black eyes are rescued

by Janon Fisher
July 13, 2022

A Florida couple has been arrested and charged with child abuse after their 6-year old son was found unconscious with his head in the toilet, according to the Osceola Sheriff’s Office.

Larry Rhodes Jr., 22, and Bianca Blaise, 25, were taken into custody on July 5, after deputies arrived at the motel room the couple was staying in and found their son, who had swollen eyes and no pulse.

The boy was rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital with a ‘life-threatening brain bleed,’ cops said, and is now on life support.

The couple claimed the boy had gotten in a fight with his 4-year-old brother the day before and that the two liked to imitate professional wrestling on the motel beds.

But when the sibling, who also had bruises and ‘fresh cuts around the mouth,’ was questioned alone by EMS workers with the Osceola County Fire Rescue, he said ‘Dad hit me.’

Rhodes and Blaise were each charged with six counts of child negligence, batter and abuse, according to court records.

The couple had been living in the two-bed motel with eight other people, including other children.

Blaise said she works at Uber and Shipt while Rhodes, who she has been with for seven years, takes care of the children.

She said she had gone to a drug-testing facility on the morning of July 5, but it was closed so came back to the motel, to find Rhodes laying on the bed and her other son standing in the corner because he had wet the bed the night before.

She then found her 6-year-old with his ‘head in the toilet,’ according to the police report, ‘like [he] was drinking water.’

At first she denied there was any abuse in the household, but admitted Rhodes ‘whoops’ the children with a woman’s sandal from time to time to discipline them.

She said Rhodes had just run out of medication he takes for schizophrenia in the last two weeks.

Investigators found marks on the other children that was consistent with the pattern on the bottom of a sandal. Police located the sandal and found that it had a ‘red, blood-like substance on it.’

They also found blood splatter on the wall, according to the police report, where the children were forced to stand with their noises touching it as a form of punishment.

The boy also had bruising under both eyes, cuts to his lip and chin, burns to the neck and leg, scars and scratches on his chest and marks on his back, according to investigators.

The mother said the black eyes were the result of roughhousing between the boys, but shrugged over the other injuries and blamed them on Rhodes, cops said.

‘Bianca concluded her interview by expressing that she knew she needed to leave Rhodes to not only protect her [son], but herself,’ according to an affidavit.

‘Bianca stated that she was unable to successfully leave Mr. Rhodes because she did not want to argue with him and claimed she did not have the financial support to leave.’

Rhodes refused to cooperate with authorities and asked for a lawyer when questioned.

A doctor with the Florida Department of Children and Families Protection Team evaluated the unconscious child he reported signs of child abuse.

‘Bruises are caused by blunt force trauma to the tissue causing breakage of blood vessels and leakage of blood products into the surrounding tissue,’ Dr. F. Walter wrote in his report.

‘While sibling fights may cause occasional bruises, they don’t typically cause the amount of bruising seen in this case,’


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