‘The Right Stuff,’ A Dating App for Conservatives – Liberal Sites Scoffing

‘The Right Stuff,’ A Dating App for Conservatives – Liberal Sites Scoffing

From what I’ve seen of a couple of left leaning sites (and certainly liberals on Twitter), the liberals seem to be rejoicing or mocking the fact that supposedly, newly launched conservative dating app “The Right Stuff” is not attracting many women members.

According to another study or two in the past few months, ALL dating sites, political or no, are struggling to attract women members.

I just did a blog post or two about it around a month ago – for the first time, there are more male users on dating sites and apps than there are female ones, and that goes for all manner of dating apps and sites, not just politically oriented ones.

Here’s at least one blog post I did about it, that mentions that gender imbalance:

(Link): Number of ‘Lonely, Single’ Men is on the Rise as Women with Higher Dating Standards Look for Partners Who are ‘Emotionally Available, Good Communicators, and Share Similar Values’, Says Psychologist

I’m puzzled by liberal joy at this perceived conservative dating site failure, as liberals say they hate conservatives, would never date one, and they also hypocritically bitch and moan about dating standards – for example, a lot of blue-haired, unattractive fat male and female progressives scream and yell about how skinny people should be forced to date them, even if skinny people find obesity a turn-off.

I would think that liberals would want conservatives to silo themselves into their own dating sites so that they, the liberals, wouldn’t have to be confronted by conservatives on dating sites.

There are single, conservative women out there – I am one of them – but one problem is that there are already too many dating sites. I joined a couple of them years ago – very well known, mainstream dating sites – and as I already belong to two or three, I have no interest in joining ten more. I think that may be playing a role in why new dating sites are having a hard time attracting new members.

While I myself am a conservative, I do not support sexism,  yet I don’t identify as a feminist (for reasons I shall not enumerate here and now), and it’s been my observation that both liberals and conservatives are sexist.

I would be cautious about using a conservative dating app, because I’ve no doubt that many of the single men on this conservative app adhere to sexist gender stereotypes – as many conservatives do (but again, progressives and liberals engage in their own type of sexism, too) and belief in traditional gender roles is associated with male entitlement and abusive behavior – so no thank you! I would be hesitant to use this dating app for that reason.

Beyond that, I don’t care if the men on this app are conservative, Republican, or if they vote Republican.

I’m fine with that in so far as it goes, but as I said, many conservative men unfortunately equate rejecting  feminism and “woke,” progressive ideology with the 180 degree opposite, equally obnoxious, awful, and wrong world view of supporting sexism against women vis a vis gender role stereotypes – as in, toxic femininity for women (which amounts to people pleasing and codependency) and toxic masculinity for men (which includes narcissistic abuse and entitled attitudes).

(Link):  The Right Stuff, a dating app for conservatives, launches this fall

Aug 15, 2022
These days, there’s a dating app for everyone, from farmers to parents to goths. Another one being thrown in the mix hopes to help you find your Mr. or Mrs. “Right” — a conservative, right-leaning partner, that is.

The Right Stuff is a new dating app for conservatives only, co-founded by John McEntee, Daniel Huff and Isaac Stalzer, three former Trump administration officials. The app is backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

The site will launch in September and is free to join, but will be invite-only à la Clubhouse style (if you remember the social audio app’s craze mid-pandemic). This means you can’t join unless you know someone who’s already a member and they send you an invite. The invite list is limitless, though.

 “Other dating apps have gone woke,” a tagline on the website reads, later specifically mentioning that this is a way to view profiles “without pronouns.” “Connect with people who aren’t offended by everything,” the site continues to promise.

Women who join are eligible for a free premium subscription after they invite two friends, Ryann McEnany, the sister of former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany who’s serving as the app’s spokesperson, revealed in an introductory video posted to the site.

Otherwise, the premium subscription will be available for $9.99 a month. A premium account gives you the ability to like more profiles and access exclusive events.

“The Right Stuff is all about getting into the right dating pool, with people who share the same values and beliefs as you,” McEnany said in the site’s promotional video.

The site also introduces a “date” feature, where you can post a date idea and see if anyone is interested, a feature that could come in handy, say, if you have an extra ticket for a concert or sporting event. Right now the feature is unique to The Right Stuff.

… Right now, you can sign up for early access at joinrightstuff.com.

(Link): Republican women who work on Capitol Hill are hesitant to sign up for conservative dating app backed by billionaire Peter Thiel: Daily Beast

by Lloyd Lee
Sept 20, 2022


…But two Republican staffers on the Hill who anonymously spoke to The Daily Beast said many who received the message have ignored the solicitation and privately joked about it in their own circles.

One Republican operative, as The Daily Beast described, expressed doubts about the company’s strategy of focusing its launch in D.C.

“It’s all of Mitch McConnell’s staffers,” the operative told the outlet.

Others shared concerns that it might attract trolls or liberals acting like conservatives.

…”Also it’s a dating app so you can simply unmatch or report anyone that’s using the platform in a mean-spirited way,” he wrote.

McEntee also disputed the idea that women were not signing up for the app. The “majority of early sign-ups are women so I don’t even understand that point,” he said. McEntee did not immediately respond to a follow-up question on data points the company may have showing the number of early sign-ups.

One Republican staffer also questioned why the app was necessary when other dating apps, such as Hinge or Bumble, already allow users to filter by political affiliation.

“You can meet other conservatees on normal dating apps,” she said. “It’s something you can filter for.”

…Huff, one of the co-founders, also told The Hill in August that the app would first focus on heterosexual relationships before it potentially expands to same-sex relationships.

“We’re sorry that you had to endure years of bad dates and wasted time with people that don’t see the world our way — the right way,” McEnany said in an ad spot for the app.

(Link): What Is The Right Stuff App? The Conservative Dating App, Explained


The Right Stuff is a new dating app catered to conservatives. The invite-only app launches in September but users can sign up for early access.

August 15, 2022
By Ketaki Bhojnagarwala

The Right Stuff is a new dating app designed to help conservatives meet like-minded people, and hopefully, find love in the process.

… The Right Stuff app, as the name suggests, is a dating app that caters to the right wing, specifically, young conservatives. The app has been launched by Ryann McEnany, the younger sister of former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She also stars in the promotional video on the website.

The app has several high-profile backers, including billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. One of the headlining features of The Right Stuff app is that it only caters to “ladies and gentlemen” – there’s no option for users to add pronouns to their profile. At the moment, the app is only for heterosexual users, although it may include same-sex relationships in the future, according to The Hill.

According to the website, the app is invite-only, meaning it isn’t immediately accessible to all users. It isn’t clear how the approval process works, but users do have the ability to invite friends to join.

The app is completely free to use, but women automatically get upgraded to a premium subscription when they invite friends to join. Men, on the other hand, will need to pay if they want access to premium features.


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