I’m Pregnant With My Own Son’s Baby by A. Diaz – and Conservative Reactions to the News Story

I’m Pregnant With My Own Son’s Baby by A. Diaz – and Conservative Reactions to the News Story

This post has been edited after publication to add more commentary, links.

I find these types of stories to be a little… gross.

I see that conservative site “Not Babylon Bee” has shared this news story on their Twitter feed – as if to suggest they find this gross and icky.

They made it a point to mention that the age of the woman in the story is age 56 (you can see their tweet embedded in this post below).

However… I am a conservative who has spoken out on this blog for years about how too many secular and religious conservatives have turned parenthood, marriage, and the nuclear family into idols that they worship.

A reminder: I am not “anti parenthood,” I am not “anti marriage,” and I am not “anti nuclear family,” but I have been long disturbed by how so many conservatives have elevated parenthood, marriage, and the “the family” to an unhealthy degree, even beyond what the Bible itself does.

Among many conservatives, Motherhood is falsely said or thought to be a woman’s highest, or only, calling by God, which leaves never married and celibate women (such as myself) marginalized, or infertile women marginalized.

So… I find it a tad hypocritical that any conservative outlet would share this news story as though it’s gross, since they’re not being consistent with their hyper- pro- nuclear family, hyper- pro- parenthood view points.

The “Not Babylon Bee” site, to be consistent with their idolization of motherhood and the nuclear family, should be joyously proclaiming, “Oh, how lovely, this older lady is pregnant with her son’s baby.” But are they approaching it like that? Nope.

It’s possible I’m wrong, and they are, once more, unfortunately extolling the virtues of motherhood (as if being a baby carrier is a woman’s only value), but  the vibe I get is that they think it’s disturbing that a 56 year old is carrying, as a surrogate, her son’s kid.

Either way you slice it, Not Babylon Bee’s take on the topic can result in being sexist.

(Link): I’m Pregnant With My Own Son’s Baby by A. Diaz

Sept 22, 2022

A pregnant mother is expecting … her own grandchild.

Nancy Hauck, 56, can’t wait to give birth to her granddaughter. “I never planned for it, but I am so glad I chose to carry my son’s baby,” she told SWNS.

The grandmother offered to become a surrogate for her son Jeff, 32, and his wife Cambria, 30, after her daughter-in-law had a life-saving hysterectomy following the traumatic birth of their second set of twins.

“I just suddenly had a feeling a few months after that I should offer to do it,” she explained. “I told my son, and he teared up and was shocked — I hadn’t even told my husband at that point. But he was really supportive.”

The young couple had struggled for six years before they welcomed twins, Vera and Ayva, now three, and then, Diseal and Luka, 11 months, via IVF.

Jeff and Cambria dreamed of having more children but weren’t sure what path to take when Cambria was advised to undergo a hysterectomy after her last pregnancy in September 2021.

“I felt grateful to have such a selfless and loving mom that was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for my family,” Jeff said.

“Having experienced over four years of infertility treatments, I knew how complicated the process can be and doubted that it was possible for her to carry a baby for us, but I was very moved that she would even offer.”

Hauck was mentally prepared to become a surrogate, but she wasn’t sure that her body was capable. “I told them I was willing but that I thought I would be old. But to my surprise medics said I was healthy and could do it and here I am.”

The family, who lives in Utah, had to act quickly before Hauck began menopause. And despite having just welcomed their second set of twins, Jeff and Cambria immediately decided to take advantage of the moment and try for their fifth child.

Nancy has had five healthy pregnancies in her life. Some of her other children were a little anxious for their mother’s health, but have all warmed up to the idea and are excited for their family to expand in this special way.

She started her hormone treatment in January 2022 and injected herself every day for 12 weeks with the help of her husband and Jeff’s dad, Jason, 59.

In February 2022, Hauck had the fertilized embryos that Jeff and Cambria collected from their other rounds of IVF transferred, and they immediately stuck. Hauck was pregnant with her grandchild.

“It was a bit scary as it had been 26 years since I’d had a baby,” Hauck said.

Jeff was “humbled and amazed” when Hauck became pregnant just a few days after having the embryos transferred. “It felt like a miracle even though I had administered the dozens of shots that had prepared her body for pregnancy,” he said.

In May 2022, the family was overjoyed to learn that they were expecting a girl.

Cambria feels gratitude for her mother-in-law’s gracious offer. “She is sacrificing so much for us, and our family and we just feel so grateful,” she said.

(Link): This 56-year-old grandmother is carrying her son’s baby after his wife had a hysterectomy.

When Cambria Hauck had to have an emergency hysterectomy, she and her husband Jeff worried that they wouldn’t be able to have more children. The couple has four kids already, but they wanted more.

… Jeff’s mother Nancy Hauck, 56, offered to help. The couple’s last embryo was implanted via in-vitro-fertilization, and now grandma is pregnant with her own granddaughter.

… While giving birth to your own-granddaughter through in-vitro-fertilization is certainly a new twist, older women have been having babies fairly regularly thanks to the procedure.

…It turns out that while a woman’s eggs may deteriorate with age, her uterus is perfectly capable of growing and sustaining a healthy baby. Of course, doctors monitorolder mothers very carefully for complications, but still, they’re clearly capable of having children in their later years.


(Link): Are Marriage and Family A Woman’s Highest Calling? by Marcia Wolf – and other links that address the Christian fallacy that a woman’s most godly or only proper role is as wife and mother

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