Survey Reveals Singles Over 50s Can Still Be A Good Catch

Survey Reveals Singles Over 50s Can Still Be A Good Catch

(Link): Survey reveals singles over 50s can still be a good catch

by Chris Matthews
Oct 3, 2022

Single over 50s can still find love but it helps if they have paid off their mortgage, can cook a Sunday lunch, have not married more than twice and have their own teeth, according to a survey.

A list of partner must-haves for over 50s singletons has been revealed in research, with sense of humour topping the list, as a massive six in ten said it was the number one thing they look for in a significant other.

Being well read, not having been married more than twice , having your own hair and being up to speed on current affairs are all factors which make someone over 50 more alluring.

The survey from Ourtime, a dating service dedicated to singles over 50, found a third want a partner who is in good shape, 30 per cent are looking for someone with a lust for life – and 32 per cent ideally want to find someone who has their own teeth.

…Overall, three quarters of those polled said that, when it came to dating, they were more discerning than they’ve ever been – with an amazing 86 per cent claiming they’d rather be single than be with someone who wasn’t right.

While 86 per cent said they were now much more confident in themselves than when they were younger, and four out of five said they were less likely to put up with someone who didn’t treat them with the respect they deserved.

More than seven in ten of the demanding daters said it was impossible to love someone when you don’t love yourself.

…While 69 per cent of those polled said they had had enough of kissing frogs and were now looking for their prince or princess.

An impressive 59 per cent of those polled said they thought many people get more attractive as they get older.


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