Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

I don’t have an issue with churches (or whatever group) making homosexual people feel welcome, that’s all find and dandy, but there’s a line there between welcoming someone, and celebrating, endorsing, or affirming everything they say, think, or do, and also involving children in whatever that is.

(Link): Church-Sponsored LGBTQ Pride Event Promotes ‘Kid’s Activities,’ ‘Drag Shows’

Church sponsoring LGBTQ pride event says, ‘We mean it about inclusivity’

By Jessica Chasmar | Fox News

A church-sponsored LGBTQ pride event in Kentucky is advertising “kid’s activities” and “drag shows” in the state’s capital this weekend.

Capital Pride Kentucky is hosting a festival on Saturday at the Old Capitol Lawn in Frankfort, where children can partake in activities like jewelry making and a scavenger hunt.

Banners advertising the event posted on the LGBTQ group’s Facebook page list a number of activities for attendees, including “drag shows,” “vendor fair,” “kid’s activities,” “entertainment,” “food & beer,” and “fun for everyone.”

Capital Pride Kentucky did not immediately return Fox News Digital’s inquiry asking whether children are invited to the drag shows. Pictures on the group’s website, however, showed an earlier event this year when children were clearly present while drag queens were performing.

…According to Capital Pride Kentucky’s website, Saturday’s event is sponsored by at least three churches: Bridgeport Christian Church in Frankfort, First Christian Church in Lawrenceburg, and South Frankfort Presbyterian Church.

“Bridgeport Christian Church is an open and affirming church where all are welcome,” the Frankfort church said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “We felt it was important to co-sponsor PRIDE to show our support for God’s LGBTQIA+ children in our community. God loves them, and so do we.”

…First Christian Church did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Capital Pride Kentucky posted on Facebook that it was “still in need” of volunteers to oversee “Kid Land” at the Frankfort event. According to the group’s signup pages, Kid Land will include a jewelry making station, a tie-dye station, a sidewalk chalk display, a bounce house and a scavenger hunt.

“We are still in need of children’s activities volunteers for the 3-5pm slot!” Capitol Pride Kentucky wrote Sunday.


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