‘THE HORROR’: Activist Complains SC Ruling Means ‘Now I Have to Be More Careful When I Have Sex’

‘THE HORROR’: Activist Complains SC Ruling Means ‘Now I Have to Be More Careful When I Have Sex’

I’d like to see the foaming at the mouth anti-Purity Culture commentari (usually progressive Christian women on Twitter) tackle this… but 99% of them won’t.

(Link): ‘THE HORROR’: Activist complains SC ruling means ‘now I have to be more careful when I have sex’

by Melissa Fine
October 9, 2022

It’s a fascinating thing, watching the lightbulbs flicker over the heads of liberal ladies in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling, which overturned the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade decision.

As pro-abortion activists continue to illegally protest with impunity outside the homes of conservative justices, the mental gymnastics they execute while trying to defend their outrage over a ruling that it seems they are incapable of fully understanding (Dobbs didn’t ban abortion, it simply returned the power to legislate the matter to the states, where it belongs) often leads to a sticky landing.

Case in point: The sign-wielding snowflake who complained to The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan that she will now have to “be more careful” when she has sex.

It may have sounded in her head like a virtuous reason for outrage, but on Twitter, the young woman is being blasted for her “incredible self-own.”

…“THE HORROR,” tweeted podcaster Brittany Hughes.

“Ooh, the humanity!!” cried another user.

“Wait….wait…..wait…..nevermind!” tweeted a third. “I give up.”

The. blatant honesty about abortion from Dems — regardless of how ridiculous they may sound —  is something new.

… (snip a few tweets on their page)…

As American Wire News reported, prior to the Dobbs decision, pro-abortion activists were generally against being labeled as “pro-abortion,” because, they argued, “Nobody is pro-abortion.”

That has changed since Dobbs, with more and more women celebrating killing their babies like it’s some sort of badge of honor.

Late last month, the Women’s March Twitter account came under fire for posting, “We’re not just pro-choice. We are proudly, unapologetically pro-abortion.”

Even people on the left were mortified.

“I’m 100% pro choice but far from unapologetically proudly abortion,” one user replied. “This claim feels so ignorant to the women who have had to make this deeply personal and often painful choice. For those it was not political.”

But for women like the one interviewed by Olohan, feelings and political affiliations are clearly more important than personal responsibility and actual facts — a point that becomes crystal clear when you listen to her full comments.

“Having abortion banned means that we’re basically getting our choices of our bodies taken away,” she said. “And, as a woman, that, like, speaks volumes because now I have to be more careful when I have sex. It’s like standing up for women who get raped or, like, incest. It’s just such a big deal that they are taking this away. It’s like we’re going backwards.”

The woman was obviously parroting every spoon-fed talking point she could remember and went comically off-script with the “now I gotta be careful” bit.

…Luckily, some on Twitter were ready to set her straight, with one user writing, “< 1% of abortions are from incest or rape. < 6% are due to entropic pregnancy. Yet all the verbiage is surrounding these two talking points, while ignoring that 96% are done for birth control.”


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