Man Kills Wife After She Discovers He Was Having Affair With Their Teen Babysitter

Man Kills Wife After She Discovers He Was Having Affair With Their Teen Babysitter

Being married does not always guarantee happiness or in a happy ending.

Marriage does not make people more ethical, responsible, godly, or mature – so conservatives can stop selling marriage on those points (the Bible also does not teach that marriage makes a person more godly, loving,  etc, or that it removes sin)

(Link): British wife-killer, 40, who strangled his spouse and buried her body in a suitcase in shallow grave in Grenada after she found out he was cheating with their 17-year-old babysitter walks free eight years into 67-year sentence due to legal loophole


Oct 4, 2022
by Jamie Phillips

A British man who strangled his wife and buried her body in a suitcase within a shallow grave after she discovered he was cheating with their teenage babysitter has walked free eight years into his 67-year prison sentence.

Alexander Clack, 40, battered Nixiann Downes-Clack and strangled her when she threatened to leave him after he had an affair with the couple’s 17-year-old babysitter.

The former prison officer from London killed his wife on their fourth wedding anniversary in June 2014.

He buried her body in a small suitcase which was found in a shallow grave on the outskirts of St George’s, the capital of Caribbean island Grenada, five days later.

Clack was sentenced to 67 years and six months in prison in February 2016, but he has now walked free after his lawyer argued that the loss of a court computer with a transcript of his murder trial had made it impossible to appeal the sentence.

Nixiann’s aunt Kim Szmyglewska, 45, told The Sun: ‘I’m horrified. How could they release someone on such a flimsy technicality when he is guilty of such evil and clearly a danger to women.

…She [Downes-Clack] fell pregnant in March 2011 and when little Anna (not her real name) was born in December that year, she said Clack was a doting father.

When their girl turned one, they hired a 17-year-old childminder, so Mrs Downes-Clack could go back to work.

Soon afterwards, though, she discovered that Clack had seduced the teenager, having sex in their marital bed, his murder trial heard.

Mrs Downes-Clack’s body was found five days after she had disappeared and Clack was arrested and charged with non-capital murder.

He had flown into an angry rage after collecting his wife from work, when she had threatened to leave him.

Back at the house, he’d beaten her black and blue, before strangling her in front of their two-year-old daughter.

Then he’d shoved her lifeless body into a suitcase – driving it to a hilltop overlooking Grenada‘s picturesque capital St George’s.

There, he’d buried the case in a three-foot-deep-ditch.


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