Groom Shot Dead in Front of Wife Just Moments After Wedding in Mexico

Groom Shot Dead in Front of Wife Just Moments After Wedding in Mexico

News stories like this go to show that being married is not a guarantee of happiness or getting a fairy tale ending.

You can get married only for your new spouse to die on the day of your wedding! Or the next day – or 15, 20, 30 years later – leaving you SINGLE AGAIN.

(Link): Groom shot dead in front of wife just moments after wedding in Mexico

October 26, 2022
by Olivia Land

A groom was gunned down in Mexico just moments after tying the knot over the weekend — in a tragic case of mistaken identity amid the region’s ongoing cartel wars.

Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras, 32, was leaving his wedding ceremony at Neustra Señora de La Candelaria church in Caborca around 5 p.m. local time on Saturday when he was struck by multiple bullets, El Universal reported.

Witnesses later said the shots came from a single unidentified man who ran away down the street. Antonio, a computer engineer from Guadalajara, was pronounced dead en route to the hospital.

Video footage shows his new wife being escorted away from the church in hysterics, her white wedding dress stained with blood.

Antonio’s sister, Michelle Adriana, 23, was also shot in the back. She was treated at the hospital and released hours later.

On Sunday night, state officials announced that no line of investigation had been ruled out. According to the Sonora Attorney General’s Office, Antonio’s killing was a “direct attack,” though they believe the bullets may have been intended for someone else.

“Investigations indicate that the attack against Marco Antonio was directed towards another individual who was also getting married at the same time in a different nearby city,” the statement read.

According to authorities, another man was also shot at his wedding in a neighboring city on the same night.


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