I Sniff My Husband’s Dirty Underwear to Make Sure He’s Not Cheating by B. Cost, by Way of K. Flores

I Sniff My Husband’s Dirty Underwear to Make Sure He’s Not Cheating by B. Cost, by Way of K. Flores

Never, ever when I began this blog several years ago to discuss how the church and secular conservatives have idolized marriage and the nuclear family did I ever think I’d run into these types of headlines, but here they are.

This is so gross.

Being married, contra the usual secular and religious conservative propaganda, does NOT make a person more ethical, responsible, normal, mature, godly or loving. This is another example.

I mean, so long as I keep running into these types of wacko, nasty news stories (and far worse ones, of married people who murder or abuse their children or their spouses), hyper- family- and- marriage obsessed doofi, such as Brad Wilcox, Al Mohler, James Dobson, Jim Daly, and Philip Derrida can kindly S.T.F.U. about how much “The Nuclear Family” supposedly benefits culture.

Assuming this is not some kind of joke and this woman is serious, she is, yes, controlling, nasty, and weird – and I do NOT appreciate marriage-worshippers such as Al Mohler, Jim Daly, Mark Regnerus, Philip Derrida and all those other guys comparing never married, childless adults to such married idiots unfavorably.

(Link): I sniff my husband’s dirty underwear to make sure he’s not cheating

Oct 27, 2022
by Ben Cost

The scent of a womanizer?

barfFace Guatemalan model and businesswoman Kimberly Flores has allegedly devised an unusual — albeit violating — way to tell if her husband’s been cheating:

She smells his dirty briefs to sniff out potential love rivals. She detailed the infidelity smell test on the reality TV show “Rica, Famosa, Latina (Rich, Famous, Latin),” Newsflash reported.

“I always check the expenses of the credit card, the calls at midnight, and I even smell his underpants . . . and even the ‘likes’ on Instagram,” Flores, 33, declared, while describing how she confirms whether her husband of three years, Mexican singer Edwin Luna, has been faithful.

Luna, 35, since shared the snippet to his 3.6 million Instagram followers with a caption inquiring if this was proof his other half was “toxic.”

Needless, the vid split viewers with some deeming the smelling-underwear model’s behavior controlling and pathological. However, others simply thought she made the declaration in jest, as evidenced by the fact that even her beau was poking fun at it.

At the end of the same clip on Luna’s Instagram, the vocal star even declares “she says she is not toxic,” poking fun at Flores’ alleged statement. The camera then pans to his wife, who raises a quizzical eyebrow.
—- end —-

Never, ever, EVER tell me ever again that marriage somehow makes people more mature, responsible, and godly when married idiots are out there sniffing their spouse’s dirty underwear and ADMITTING TO IT. Gross.


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