Mother and Son Homeless After Officials Sell Home to Pay Ex-Husband’s Debt

Mother and Son Homeless After Officials Sell Home to Pay Ex-Husband’s Debt

Marriage, parenthood, and The Nuclear Family do not improve society or make people more loving, mature, or responsible or always guarantee in a happy ending. Another example here:

In Great Britain:

(Link): Mum and son homeless after officials sell £280k home to pay ex-hubby’s £3.5k debt

A mother and her 13-year-old son have been left living on a friend’s sofa after their home, worth £280,000, was sold for just £24,000 to pay off a £3.5k debt left by her ex-husband

October 25, 2022

A British mother and her son have been left homeless after their home was secretly sold in order to pay off a debt that was left by her ex-husband.

Victoria Jenkins had lived in the same £280,000 Spanish property on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia for 22 years with her 13-year-old son Sam having been born in the region.

However, their lives were rocked when officials in Mijas suddenly served her with an eviction notice after selling their home at a price of just £24,000 at auction without her knowing.

The two-bed flat in Riviera del Sol was bought by Ms Jenkins and her ex-husband for around £230,000 with no mortgage or other debt held against the property.

Despite the property being worth around £280,000, local authority sold it for a fraction of that price, due to an alleged debt of £3,500.

 Ms Jenkins claimed this was no accident and was done deliberately as part of a scam by town hall officials to snatch properties from residents under false pretences.

She said: “Notification about the sale were sent to the wrong address, leaving me not allowed to speak.


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