Four Friends Who Drugged Their Wives and Watched as They Raped Each Others’ Partners Now Face Jail

Four Friends Who Drugged Their Wives and Watched as They Raped Each Others’ Partners Now Face Jail

This is beyond wicked. It is beyond depraved.

And let this go to show that my fellow conservatives are in very deep, grave error in combatting anti-nuclear family, anti-marriage rhetoric by progressives by perpetuating falsehoods about the benefits of marriage.

Contrary to what most “family values” conservatives argue, marriage does not make every person who marries (or who becomes a parent) more ethical, godly, loving, or responsible.

The Bible does not teach that being married heals sin, or that marriage (or being a parent) stops a person from sinning.

The Bible teaches the only “cure” for sin is acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Some of the men charged with raped mentioned in the article below also have biological children with those wives; these men are fathers, but parenthood did not make them more godly, mature, loving, or ethical.

Let such news stories also go to show that God is not with-holding spouses from single adults who don’t meet certain criteria. Contrary to what some teaching by Christians about marriage says, a person doesn’t have to be godly, perfect, or wonderful to “merit” a spouse from God.

God is allowing all kinds of trashy, disgusting, perverts to marry, like the men in the article below.

(Link): Four friends who drugged their wives and watched as they raped each others’ partners now face jail in Singapore

Nov 3, 2022
by James Callery

Four friends who drugged their wives, watched as they raped each others’ partners and congratulated each other for ‘putting on a good show’ face jail in Singapore.

One woman was raped several times over a period of at least seven years by different men while unconscious, having been drugged and blindfolded by her husband, Channel News Asia reports.

The case came about when the woman found naked pictures of herself in a chat on her husband’s phone.

The four men, who are under gag orders placed by the court, pleaded guilty on Monday to two charges each of conspiracy to rape, with various other charges taken into consideration.

They are K, M, L and N.

According to Channel News Asia, the main accomplice linked to their cases is a fifth man, J, who married his wife in 2008 and with whom he has four children.

The court heard the men became acquainted with their respective accomplices online in 2010, on the forum Sammyboy, as well as other platforms dedicated to wife-sharing fantasies.

They chatted about such fantasies, swapped details of their sex lives and shared explicit footage and images with one another.

J, 41, previously tried to get his wife to watch pornographic videos to see if she would be up for a threesome, the court also heard.

His wife expressed that she was definitely against the idea.

After this, J allegedly came up with a plan to sedate his wife for other men to have intercourse with her.

J became acquainted with K, 44, who was married with no children and was working in business development, on Sammyboy from 2010 to 2011.

They agreed to use a sedative on their wives to allow other men to rape them.

After doing some research, they decided on a drug they understood could render a person unconscious.

Using the drug he had acquired from J, K put it in his wife’s alcohol sometime prior to 2012.

He blindfolded her after she lost consciousness and told J to come round.

J then raped K’s wife while K watched and photographed it. They repeated this act in 2012.

In February 2013, J’s wife remarked that she was feeling ill and J used this opportunity to give her the drug before letting K rape her.

J set up a closed-circuit television camera in his bedroom to livestream naked images of his wife and to broadcast his sex life.

K also livestreamed from a webcam in his bedroom.

Prosecutors said that after viewing this, the men would sometimes congratulate each other for putting on a ‘nice show’.

After their crimes, the two men shared sexual assault and rape images and ‘continued to reminisce’ about their acts, the prosecutors said.

The discussions led to J’s wife discovering the acts in January 2020.

J was asleep when then his wife found a video playing on his phone and then his Skype conversation with K.

The messages contained explicit images of her and older messages showed that the men had been exchanging their wives for sex.

After J’s wife woke him up, he deleted the incriminating chats and visited K’s home with his wife as she had requested to do so.

During the conversation, K said that he had engaged in sex with J’s wife while she was unconscious.

K also admitted to rendering his own wife unconscious so that J could have intercourse with her.

J’s wife filed a police report on January 2, 2020.

Footage and photographs taken from both men by police resulted in the identification of others who took part in the activities.

Another man in the group, L, 52, who was a business development manager and had three children with his wife, became acquainted with K online between 2010 to 2011 and then with J.

J sedated his wife in 2013 before L raped her while J recorded.

M, 45, who was a company director with three children, met J on Sammyboy in 2010.

In the same year, J gave his wife a drug after she said she felt sick and, when she was unconscious, J called M over before M proceeded to rape his wife.

The fourth man, N, 37, was a food deliveryman and raped J’s wife between 2017 and 2018.

The prosecutors who oversaw the cases called for a prison sentence of between 19 and 23 years and 24 strokes of the cane for K and M.

They asked for 11 to 16.5 years’ in prison for L, with another six months’ prison time in lieu of caning.

They will also be asking for 17 to 21 years’ in prison and 24 strokes of the cane for N, who did not have a partner, Channel News Asia reported.
— end —

The police there should throw all those rapist husbands into jail blocks with men who are known to like to rape other men, allow them to be raped for hours, and then shove each one alive, feet first, into a woodchipper.

Marriage and parenthood do NOT improve people, so my fellow conservatives can kindly stop hyper-promoting marriage and stop presenting this faulty view that married parents are somehow better than singles or childless adults, because they are clearly not, as continued news stories about married parent deviants demonstrates.


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