It Is Now 40% More Expensive to Be Single and Dating Than It Was a Decade Ago – Singles Are Now Infla-Dating

It Is Now 40% More Expensive to Be Single and Dating Than It Was a Decade Ago – Singles Are Now Infla-Dating

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(Link):  ‘Infla-dating’ is making cheap dates trendy 

Behind a pay wall:

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For many people, the big question these days is less about who pays, and more about how much

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(Link): It Is Now 40% More Expensive to be Single and Dating Than It Was a Decade Ago


by C. Lang

The 2022 Match Singles in America report found that people in the U.S. are spending $117.4 billion on dating every year.

Nov 16, 2022

… This year, inflation hit a 40-year high, a reality that singles, who don’t get the tax breaks available to married people or the benefits of a two-income home, are feeling.

According to the 2022 Match Singles in America report, released this week, the top three stressors for singles right now are all related to finances: the impact of inflation, the state of the economy, and their long-term financial futures. (This was true for all generations except Gen Z, which reported being primarily stressed by mental health.)

In Match’s 12th annual report, researchers surveyed 5,000 single people between the ages of 18 and 98 across the U.S., and found that they are spending $117.4 billion on dating every year. That breaks down to about $130 each month or $1,560 each year per person—which is 40% more than what singles spent on their dating lives a decade ago.

…Likewise, economic circumstances have made stability sexy: 30% of singles surveyed said that because of inflation, they are more eager to find a financially stable partner.

…Avgitidis’ advice seems to align with what many singles are doing to pursue love despite feeling the pressures of inflation. According to the Match study, 84% of singles prefer a casual first date over a formal one; 30% are now more open to doing free activities on a date; and 25% are more open to simply meeting for coffee or drinks.

… Nearly half of the singles surveyed in the Match report said they are looking for a committed partnership. But Sacks warns against seeking a partner for financial reasons. While being single and shouldering the costs of living solo can be difficult, she says, it would be more costly to pursue an unhealthy or unsatisfying relationship purely to relieve financial pressure.


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