Throuples Are So 2021: Welcome to the Five-Member World of a Sexual ‘Polycule’

Throuples Are So 2021: Welcome to the Five-Member World of a Sexual ‘Polycule’

(Link): Throuples Are so 2021: Welcome to the Five-Member World of a Sexual ‘Polycule’


Nov 11, 2022
by Alex Parker

Are you mundanely monogamous? Humdrum-ish or not, if you’re only seeing one person, you’re a few steps south of old fashioned. In order to catch up to the culture, you might want to speed right past throuplehood and embrace the modern paradigm of the “polycule.”


A portmanteau of “polyamory” and “molecule,” polycule refers to a connected network of non-monogamous relationships. This could be as small and simple as a vee relationship (aka a relationship involving three people, where one person is at the center of the V and is involved with both partners, while the other two partners who are not involved with each other), or it can be a complex, widespread network of people, all connected in some manner. Component parts of a polycule are sometimes referred to as “molecules.”

Such an atomically-oriented association was recently highlighted by Libs of TikTok. Via a provocative video, participant “Savvy” reviews her romantic roster:

“This is our polycule. … Me and Kyle have been together for eight years; we’ve been poly the whole time. … Me and Kyle are in a triad with Kit. We have been together, the three of us, for three years. … Me and Sam and Kit and Katie met around the same time. I started dating Sam — and Kit started dating Katie — around the same time. … And then…a little over a month ago, we moved everyone in together. So everyone lives in the same house now.”


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