Parents Die Within Four Weeks of Each Other, Leaving Behind Their Two Young Children: Husband Dies of Ruptured Stomach Ulcer While Spending Night in Hospital With His Dying Wife

Parents Die Within Four Weeks of Each Other, Leaving Behind Their Two Young Children: Husband Dies of Ruptured Stomach Ulcer While Spending Night in Hospital With His Dying Wife

Well, look it there! You can be married with children – which most Christians and social conservatives wrongly think is some kind of accomplishment, or the only one in life that matters – and still end up dead and in misery and heartache.

Being married with a kid or two is not a guarantee of happiness and joy in life.

Having a spouse and children didn’t make the lives of these two adults magical or above experiencing loss and pain. Now the kids in this nuclear family are orphans.

A lot of obsessively pro-marriage conservatives try to shame adult singles into getting married by goading them with the, “But won’t you die alone” rhetoric – well, the married lady in this story had her spouse die next to her as she was recovering in a hospital bed!

Technically, the woman’s husband in this story didn’t “die alone,” but as his wife was asleep or knocked out, she couldn’t hold his hand and speak gently to him as he passed, so WTF difference does it make if you are married and your spouse croaks with you in the room, if either one of you is asleep when it happens?

(Link):  Tragedy as parents die within four weeks of each other, leaving behind their two young children: Husband dies of ruptured stomach ulcer while spending night in hospital with his dying wife

Nov 20, 2022
by Elizabeth Haigh

Friends of the parents of an eight-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl who died within four weeks of one another in a tragic set of circumstances have raised more than £6,000 in an effort to support the children’s upbringing.

Mother Amie Walton, 30, was battling terminal cancer when partner Chris Mills died of a ruptured stomach ulcer suddenly while spending the night in hospital with her.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after visiting her GP for persistent heartburn.

Amie, who had liver and bowel cancer, woke up on July 18 in Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham to find her partner, 42, had died.

Exactly four weeks later, on August 18, Amie, passed away while visiting her father in Devon.

Despite receiving treatment for her cancer, she was told in May that it had spread, leaving her with 50 tumours in each lung.

The couple leave behind their son Harry, eight, and daughter Mia, six. The children, who lived in north Birmingham with their parents, are now being cared for by Amie’s mother Tracey.

After the tragic news, local shopkeeper Bal Singh was devastated to hear of the tragic deaths of his former customers. He has set up a fundraising page in the hopes of helping the couple’s young children.


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