‘My Husband Has Sex With Me In His Sleep'” Woman Shares Her ‘Embarrasing’ Confession About Her Partner – But She’s Not Alone

‘My Husband Has Sex With Me In His Sleep'” Woman Shares Her ‘Embarrasing’ Confession About Her Partner – But She’s Not Alone

(Link): ‘My husband has sex with me in his sleep’: Woman shares her ’embarrassing’ confession about her partner – but she’s not alone

by Sophie Finn
Nov 21, 2022

An Australian woman has revealed that her husband has sex with her while he is sleeping.

Nick* suffers from sexsomnia’ – a rare sleep condition that causes him to initiate sex or sexual activities while asleep and not remember it the next morning.

His wife Rachel* said this has occurred at least once a month for the last few years, however she said it gets so ‘passionate’ he often wakes up and it has become a healthy part of their sex life.

Rachel recounted the first time she witnessed sexsomnia on a recent Body and Soul podcast.

‘I was fast asleep, I thought he was fast asleep and all of a sudden he started to get a little bit handsy with me,’ she told the podcast.

‘I tried to talk to him and be like “what’s going on” because I’m obviously fast asleep and he didn’t respond, and I then realised he was unconscious, when I mentioned to him the next morning he had no recollection of it whatsoever.’

Sexsomnia: The facts 
* Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder known as parasomnia, a condition referring to unusual behaviour whilst asleep such as sleepwalking.

* The condition causes people to engage in sexual behaviours whilst asleep, including masturbation, sexual movements, initiating sex and sexual aggression.

* Sufferers are completely asleep during the experience and generally can’t remember it the next morning.

(Visit their page and scroll down to see more)

…Experiencing sexsomnia with a loved one can be unnerving as the sufferer may have their eyes open and seem awake but they are actually completely asleep.

Sexsomnia is part of the parasomnia sleep disorder category which includes sleep walking, and it’s estimated eight per cent of people experience the rare disorder.

The disorder can be triggered by sleep deprivation, drugs, alcohol, stress and depression.


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