California Man, 25, Found Dead After He Went on a Date With a Woman He Met on Tinder – He Was Drugged, Robbed and Killed After Meeting a Date

California Man, 25, Found Dead After He Went on a Date With a Woman He Met on Tinder – He Was Drugged, Robbed and Killed After Meeting a Date

(Link): California man, 25, found dead in Colombia after he went on a date with a woman he met on Tinder – his family says he was drugged, robbed and killed after meeting a date

Nov 16, 2022

A 27-year-old man from California was found dead on a Colombia street after going on a date with a woman he met on Tinder.

Paul Nguyen, of Orange County, flew for the first time to Medellín with one of his friends on November 6 and was murdered four days later.

He is the 25th foreign tourist murdered in Medellín this year.

His sister, Amy Nguyen, told KABC that he logged on to his Tinder account and went on a date with a woman last Wednesday.

Online news portal Infobae reported that Paul had a place in mind where they were going to eat in the Medellín city center, but that the woman convinced him to go to a restaurant in the neighborhood of Laureles.

According to the local newspaper El Colombiano, a source with knowledge of the investigation said that Paul used a credit card to pay to make different payments at a business and that he had shared on his Instagram account two photos of him with the woman he was with.

The Cal State Fullerton graduate was last seen walking out of a bar with the woman on Thursday around 2am.

Paul was found dead at 5am about four and a half miles away in the neighborhood of Robledo.

Amy said authorities believe that Paul was drugged and robbed.

‘They took all of his stuff and his belongings. We know all his cards were swiped after 4am,’ she said. ‘We believe there were multiple people involved and she was just there to lure him and set him up.’


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