Mom Murders Her Children Before Killing Herself After ‘Losing Her Mind” During World’s Harshest 262 Day Covid Lockdown

Mom Murders Her Children Before Killing Herself After ‘Losing Her Mind” During World’s Harshest 262 Day Covid Lockdown

So… being married and a mother, having a husband, being a part of your own nuclear family, does not make every woman loving, stable, and happy.

(LinK): Mom murders her children before killing herself after ‘losing her mind’ during world’s harshest 262 day Covid lockdown

Nov 20, 2022

A mom who stabbed to death her three young children inside their home lost her mind during Victoria’s hard lockdowns.

Katica ‘Katie’ Perinovic, 42, murdered her children Claire, 7, Anna, 5, and Matthew, 3 one by one before taking her own life inside their Tullamarine home, north-west of Melbourne, on January 14, 2021.

Their father Tom Perinovic, who had been out buying his family a new television set when the atrocity happened, has revealed how Dan Andrews’ lockdowns turned his happy and healthy wife into a monster.

…Trapped within the four walls of her Tullamarine house, Mr Perinovic pinpointed the lockdown as the event that drove his wife to madness.

‘Katie had stopped working in March 2020 and was looking after her three children and trying to home school Claire at the same time,’ Mr Perinovic said.

‘It was incredibly stressful and hard on both of us, particularly Katie.’

Victorians spent a whopping 262 days under hard lockdown between March that year and the end of 2021.

…’When restrictions eased, Katie had started withdrawing from friends, she would say “we can’t meet”. She kept reading media articles and listening to the news over and over,’ he said.

‘She started feeling worried and fear. Every day we would alternate going for walks, to get some fresh air and exercise. Just to get out of the house.’

Isolated from her family and friends, Katie’s mental health rapidly declined.

‘Katie’s family members wanted to come over to visit, but due to the travel 5km permitted radius, this meant they couldn’t come. We all abided by the law. Therefore, we didn’t see her family for an extended amount of time,’ Mr Perinovic said.

‘It was many months. Katie’s memory started to decline during the lockdown, and she even forgot the pin number on her mobile phone. She had to send it away to get it unlocked.’

While Katie found the strength to return to her beloved job in October 2020, she resigned just weeks later under a cloud of mystery.


Concerned over her own mental decline, Katie went to see her local doctor.

By then she had been feeling paranoid, exhausted and anxious.

She had earlier told her husband she believed she was being covertly watched by CCTV cameras within their own home.

The doctor prescribed her sleeping pills and sent her home, prompting Mr Perinovic to return with her the very next day in the hope of having her treated properly.

…But her mental health continued to spiral out of control as the lockdowns continued.

‘Ultimately, Covid restrictions meant I was unable to come into most appointments with Katie and I would have to wait in the car or not attend. I was unaware of what was happening in Katie’s appointments or her treatment plan, unless Katie told me what was happening,’ Mr Perinovic told the coroner.

When Mr Perinovic eventually worked his way inside a consultation with his wife, she  asked him to leave in what he would later learn had been the midst of a ‘psychotic episode’.


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