Mom Allegedly Put Dead Girl, 5, in Concrete Block to Use as Bedside Table

Mom Allegedly Put Dead Girl, 5, in Concrete Block to Use as Bedside Table

What a POS.

POS = Piece of Shit. 

I feel bad that I even have to type that out, but there are some very naive people and a lot of Christians out there who are like, “What does POS stand for?” It stands for Piece of Shit. Now you know. 

If I am understanding the news story below right, the mother killed the kid by neglect – the kid had some kind of sickness that could’ve been treated, if the POS mother had taken the child to a doctor, FFS! (FFS = For Fuck’s Sake.)

It’s bad enough the POS mother neglected to take the child to a hospital for help, but once she died, she tossed her little dead body in a box to use it as a nightstand??? That is callous. This woman should be bitch slapped from here to eternity.

Motherhood does not make women more godly, mature, ethical, or loving. Women becoming mothers does not “fix” society or erase sin.

So, conservatives can stop pushing those narratives – and no, I don’t need or want to see progressives trying to pressure women NOT to marry or have children, either.

Both insufferable positions on this “motherhood” issue, both progressive and conservative, are flip side of THE SAME COIN.

(Link): Mom allegedly put dead girl, 5, in concrete block to use as bedside table

By Yaron Steinbuch
December 1, 2022

A 27-year-old Argentinian woman allegedly placed the body of her 5-year-old girl inside a wooden box, filled it with cement and used it as a bedside table for several months.

Police found the entombed body of Milagros Nazareth Martin in the home of Vanesa Mansilla after her husband reported that he had not seen their daughter in a long time, Sky News reported.

Mansilla reportedly told him initially that she had placed Milagros in the care of social services due to unsanitary conditions in their home.

But when cops arrived, she admitted she didn’t know what to do when the girl died and was afraid that her other children, boys ages 3 and 7, would be taken away from her.

So she placed Milagros’ body in a bag and dumped it in a box that she filled with cement that she got from a construction site, according to the news outlet.

“She used the box with the body inside as a bedside table in her bedroom,” an investigator told local news outlet Telam.

An autopsy determined the girl died of a respiratory infection stemming from pre-existing illnesses that required her to have a tracheostomy and a nasogastric tube.

The investigator said Mansilla had admitted to her relatives earlier that her daughter had died.

“She said that everything happened one afternoon after bathing her children,” the official told Telam. “She went to take a nap and when she woke up, she went to see the girl, and she had already died. She said that she had a runny nose and drool in her mouth.”

Mansilla has been charged with “culpable homicide” and her other kids have been placed in the care of their grandmother.


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