Progressives Are Fine With POC (People of Color) Having POC-Only Spaces, but Not Fine With Natal Woman Having Natal Women Only Spaces. Double Standard!

Progressives Are Fine With POC (People of Color) Having POC-Only Spaces, but Not Fine With Natal Woman Having Natal Women Only Spaces. Double Standard!

In the past several years, I’ve seen news stories off and on about black people and other non-whites who insist on having “POC (people of color) only” spaces on college campuses and where ever else.

Why do far left liberals and progressives promote the idea of “Black Only” spaces, no whites welcome, but they draw the line at women having women-only spaces?

That is, transwomen are biologically male – they are MEN – and no, they should not be permitted into women’s spaces such as women’s locker rooms, women’s prisons, and women’s bathrooms.

This is a huge inconsistency and double standard.

I used to have trans people screaming at me over on Twitter about black women sharing bathrooms with white women, but as I replied to them at the time, I do not have a problem sharing bathrooms with biological women of any skin color or ethnicity.

Black Transwomen are Men.

Black Transwomen are not Women.

I have in fact shared public bathrooms with natal black women, natal Asian women, and natal Hispanic women over the course of my life and that didn’t bother me – because we are all women. These were not men “identifying” as women, but they were actual women.

If you’re a liberal or progressive who is fine with barring white people from “POC spaces,” you should be equally okay with women barring men, regardless of how those men identify, from women’s spaces.

If race based segregation is fine by you, so should sex based segregation be. Sex is not a “construct” or “invention of the patriarchy” but is a reality.

(I’ve occasionally seen progressives get even more inconsistent on these points and proclaim that race is a “white supremacy” construct; they declare that race is not real, but then they go on to demand race-based segregation.)

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