Bentley-Driving Accused Cult Leader Has 20 Wives as Young as Age 9, Possibly Married Own Daughter, FBI Alleges

Bentley-Driving Accused Cult Leader Has 20 Wives as Young as Age 9, Possibly Married Own Daughter, FBI Alleges

Christian Complementarianism could be used to justify this nasty behavior discussed in this news article below.

Complementarianism also has a lot in common with the sexist views of women and marriage as found in Islam and Mormonism.

All of this should cause Christian Complementarians to take pause and realize how un-biblical their gender ideology is, but they are reluctant to do that.

Let this be yet another example in opposition to the usual conservative propaganda: marriage and parenthood do NOT make people more ethical, godly, responsible, or loving.

(Link): Polygamist ‘prophet’ accused of marrying 20 women and girls, including his own daughter, hauling some of them around in windowless trailer with bucket for toilet

by Isabel Keane
Dec 4, 2022

An Arizona polygamist cult leader has been accused of marrying more than 20 women, most under the age of 15 — reportedly including his own daughter.

An FBI affidavit filed Friday in Washington, and obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune. contains horrifying accusations against Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, of incest, group sex acts involving adults and children– some as young as 9 — and child sex trafficking.

(Link):  Arizona polygamist cult leader Samuel Bateman had 20 wives, most under age 15 

(Link): Bentley-driving Arizona ‘Mormon prophet’ had TWENTY wives as young as nine including his own daughter, FBI says – and drove them around in a TRAILER with a bucket for a toilet

Dec 4, 2022

An Arizona polygamist cult leader had 20 wives aged as young as nine, married his own daughter, and drove his spouses around in a trailer with a bucket for a toilet, it is claimed.

A new FBI affidavit has revealed shocking allegations against Bentley-driving Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, who was arrested in Arizona earlier this year.

Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, is accused by witnesses of ‘marrying’ up to 20 women and girls as young as nine, including his own daughter, according to the affidavit filed on Friday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

(Link): Bentley-driving accused cult leader has 20 wives as young as age 9, possibly married own daughter, FBI alleges

Samuel Rappylee Bateman allegedly trafficked women, girls across state lines
by Danielle Wallace
Dec 4, 2022

The FBI is accusing a 46-year-old Arizona alleged polygamist cult leader of having 20 wives, many of whom were underage — as young as 9 years old — and of possibly marrying his own daughter.

The wives were allegedly trafficked across state lines in a trailer — forced to use a bucket as a toilet — while the self-proclaimed prophet drove two Bentleys while pushing failed business ventures in real estate and goal coaching.

Samuel Rappylee Bateman — as well as his coconspirators and aiders and abettors — is accused of engaging in the transportation of minors in interstate commerce to engage in criminal sexual activity and travel interstate commerce to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minors, between May 2020 and November 2021, between Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Nebraska. He was first indicted by a federal grand jury on Sept. 6.

The investigation revealed that on August 28, 2022, Bateman, with aiders and abettors, committed obstruction of justice by destroying records of their illegal actions, according to federal prosecutors.

Bateman is a self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), a subset of the fundamentalist Mormon denominations whose members practice polygamy.

It was revealed that Bateman allegedly “has approximately 50 followers and over 20 wives, many of whom are minors, mostly under the age of 15,” according to a new FBI affidavit included in a criminal complaint against three newly charged co-conspirators. “Bateman allegedly has ‘impressions of Heavenly Father’s will’ to encourage his followers, including the minor children, to engage in sexual acts and relies on that submission to do his own will.”

The probable-cause affidavit was filed in federal court on Friday by FBI Agent Dawn A. Martin.

Some of Bateman’s wives were the wives or daughters of Bateman’s male followers.

Bateman is also accused of trying to take his own daughter as a wife. According to the affidavit, Martin spoke with a couple familiar with Bateman who were filming a documentary about the community.

In about November or December 2020, Bateman drove to the couple’s house in Colorado City, Arizona, in a large SUV packed with women and girls, according to the affidavit. Bateman introduced everyone as his wives. The youngest of the girls was born in 2011, meaning she was at the oldest, age 9.

The affidavit also describes video calls on which Bateman and everyone else on the call were reportedly naked and performed group sex acts. In a so-called “Binding of Brothers” ritual, Bateman allegedly would often have sex with the wives of his male followers often while other men and underage girls watched.


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