Christian Influencer, 23, is Mercilessly Mocked After Claiming ‘Masturbation is Witchcraft’ and Will Create a Curse that Will ‘Bleed Into Your Future Children’s Life’

Christian Influencer, 23, is Mercilessly Mocked After Claiming ‘Masturbation is Witchcraft’ and Will Create a Curse that Will ‘Bleed Into Your Future Children’s Life’

While I have pretty traditional, conservative views about sex – I believe sex should be reserved for one man married to one woman after they marry – I don’t think that masturbation is a sin.

The Bible is silent on the topic. The story of Onan was about prolonging a dead man’s family line; the main point was not about masturbation.

If this young lady doesn’t want to support the behavior or engage in it herself, that’s okay, that’s her choice.

But I am a little troubled to see that she has an on-going TikTok account or a site that is filled with “Dear Future Husband” letters. Yikes.

My concern is that she, much like me when I was a teen and her age, bought into the false Christian views that if one remains chaste, a devout Christian, prays and trusts Jesus, and attends church (and follows other Christian rules) that God will of course bless and reward me by sending me a wonderful Christian man to marry, and by the time I reach 25 or 30 or 35 by the latest.

Well, as I’ve mentioned many times over, I was a very devout Christian for years, I’ve never had sex, I’m middle aged, and I have never married.

And I followed all the Christian advice and precepts for years – I didn’t have sex outside of marriage, I attended church, I prayed, trusted God, tried Christian dating web sites, etc, etc, but I am still single

I just want this young woman to know that just because you are being a faithful Christian and following relationship advice that you sincerely think the Bible teaches does NOT mean you will ever get married. You may end up like me, in your 50s, and still single. God may never send you a Christian Prince Charming.

(Link): Christian influencer, 23, is mercilessly mocked after claiming ‘masturbation is WITCHCRAFT’ and will create a CURSE that will ‘bleed into your future children’s life’

by Erica Nardozzi
December 6, 2022

A Christian influencer has gone viral after claiming ‘masturbation is form of witchcraft’ that will ‘literally bleed into your future children’s life’ and become a ‘generational curse.’

Sierra Scribner, 23, from Tennessee, has more than 289,000 followers on TikTok, where she preaches against self-pleasure and sexual immorality ‘in the name of Jesus.’

In a recent video posted on November 14, she alleged that masturbation is a ‘demonic attack’ and a ‘form of control’ that needs to be bound, sparking both criticism and mockery.

‘You are literally controlling an orgasm. You’re controlling your own pleasure. That is witchcraft,’ she argued. ‘That is a curse that you begin to place over your own life that will then literally bleed into your future children’s life.’

Scribner told viewers the act of masturbation ‘will become a generational curse that you started’ before sharing all of the sexual desires she has denounced.

‘I cancel the assignment of wet dreams. I cancel the assignment of having orgasms in my dreams. I cancel the assignment of masturbation. I cancel the assignment of sexual immorality over my life,’ she said.

‘You gotta bind the enemy. You gotta show him where the line is. You gotta draw the line and say, “You can’t touch me.” See the enemy then wants to put you in shame.’

Scribner then hit back at ‘all the witches’ who say ‘Christianity is toxic’ and she is ‘pouring shame over people.’

‘Let me tell you what’s toxic. What’s toxic is a broken pattern made by witchcraft,’ she insisted. ‘The enemy knows how he is allowing you to fall into your own trap of pleasure.

‘Masturbation is a form of witchcraft,’ she concluded. ‘You need to break that witchcraft off of your life in the mighty name of Yahshua, in the name of Jesus.’

Scribner’s video about masturbation being witchcraft has been viewed more than 687,000 times in less than a month, but the comments have since been disabled.

Some TikTok viewers were convinced her message had to be a joke while others mocked her claims, Newsweek reported. However, she seems to be serious.

Scribner offers ‘biblical mentorship’ and ‘dear future husband letters’ on her eponymous website, which she started after a ‘Holy Spirit movement’ inspired her to help ‘encourage women’ and ‘break generational curses in Jesus’ name.’

Former evangelist April Ajoy, who speaks out against Christian purity culture, shared the video on Twitter, where it has been viewed another 1.2 million times.

‘This Christian influencer says masturbation is witchcraft and creates generational curses that will “literally bleed into your future children’s life.” I don’t miss these Pentecostal circles at all,’ she tweeted. ‘So much needless shame.’

…Others couldn’t resist making fun of Scribner’s claim that masturbation is witchcraft while comparing themselves to everyone from Harry Potter to Elizabeth Montgomery in ‘Bewitched.’

‘So you’re telling me masturbation is witchcraft AND can cause curses? You honestly could not make it any cooler if you tried,’ one person joked.
— end —

I will conclude by repeating: if you’re a Christian assuming if you follow certain rules or values (such as not masturbating) that God will send you a spouse – that may not be so. You can live a clean, devout Christian life and still be single into your 30s and older.


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