Woman Fired After Raising Concerns About Transgender Serial Killer Living in a Senior Shelter

Woman Fired After Raising Concerns About Transgender Serial Killer Living in a Senior Shelter

Again we see progressives, liberals, and Democrats prioritizing the needs and feelings of biological men (“transwomen”) above that of actual women.

(Link): Woman Fired After Raising Concerns About Transgender Serial Killer Living in a Senior Shelter


by G. Gluck
Dec 7, 2022

A former social worker at a Manhattan senior shelter has filed a lawsuit against her ex-employer, claiming she lost her job after she warned her bosses that a convicted serial killer had made threats against her life while she worked at the facility.

Monica Archer was let go from her position at George Daly House, a short-term housing alternative for elderly residents in Alphabet City, even after convicted serial killer Harvey Marcelin was charged with the brutal slaying and dismemberment of a former resident. Marcelin identifies as a lesbian woman, and often uses the name “Marceline Harvey.”

The lawsuit, filed on Monday, concerned the shelter’s decision to admit Marcelin, 84, who has been placed on lifetime parole after spending 50 years in prison for the homicide and dismemberment of two women.

According to an exclusive published in the New York Post, Marcelin “made constant threats to kill” Archer and other personnel, and was permitted to keep a gun on the premises.

Archer had suggested to her supervisors that Marcelin be transferred to a facility specializing in mental health disorders, but was ignored. She had also recommended Marcelin be placed in an “appropriate setting for the serial killer who has issues that I can’t address.”

But Archer says that management continued to allow Marcelin to reside at the shelter, despite “knowing that [he] had been accused of and convicted of several murders, allegedly possessed a gun, and regularly threatened to kill staff members.”

Marcelin had also reportedly begun following Archer after she left work for the evening, leaving the social worker so frightened that she began using alternative routes to commute after work.

…On March 4, just one week after moving into an apartment, Marcelin was arrested for the grisly murder and dismemberment of Susan Leyden, 68, who had been a former resident at the same senior facility.

Leyden’s body was found in pieces scattered across the neighborhood, with parts being found on two separate days. Her headless torso was found by a passerby in a shopping cart blocks away from Marcelin’s apartment on March 3, prompting police to question Marcelin on the gruesome discovery.

…Prior to the murder of Susan Leyden, Marcelin was well-known to police, having been convicted in the brutal deaths of two other women on two separate occasions.

…Marcelin was arrested in 1986 for the second murder, but was once again released on parole in 2019. At the time, he told a parole officer that he had “a problem with women.”

Prior to the murders, Marcelin was accused of attempted rape when he was just 14 years-old; the allegation was made by a girl aged 8.

A 1963 psychiatric examination conducted by three doctors at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital concluded Marcelin had “schizoid personality with sociopathic features” but was not deemed criminally insane nor psychotic.

…Marcelin began identifying as a woman while at Auburn State Prison for his second slaying, and started taking Premarin, a type of estrogen intended for post-menopausal women, after meeting trans-identified male inmate at the facility. The killer appears to treat his “male” and “female” personas as two separate entities.


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